100+ Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writers

100+ Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writers

Mar 15, 2021, 11:17:53 AM Creative

 It is not easy to become a good writer and author; they have a really tough time thinking, collecting, and writing down ideas and inspirations for a blog. It is an intimidating task to sit with a blank page and think of new ideas to write but do not know where to start. It can be stressful for a writer or author to have a deadline close, but they have no ideas for writing or did not even take the beginning, it is known as the writer’s block, but there are solutions like getting ideas from different areas for your blog. It can occur because of many reasons; it can be personal issues of a writer because of which the writer is unable to gather ideas or plan out the blog or the anxiety of the deadline. It can be anything; so many things can help you if you are a writer or an author. You just have to go through something that can help.

I will list down some top-notch ideas for different categories of blog writing that will help you plan your blog. First of all, here are some ideas if you are writing a brand blog, so these are content marketing ideas.


Ideas of content marketing for brand blogs

1.      Make questions such as how you will begin your career and how you will reach your current position. These questions must be there in your structure so that you can answer them and think like your readers; you have to share everything with your readers. Your answers can be relatable to anyone reading your blog and can give them an idea to obtain something they are planning.

2.      Place and list down videos that relate to your niche. Videos are the most effective way to explain your subject or niche. Your readers will understand your blogs better if you include a video regarding them.

3.      Gather a relevant list of links and posts that links to your blog topic so that your readers find them curious about the things you are sharing in your blog and check the links.

4.      While making the structure for your blog, you have to remember the mistakes you made in the previous blogs as mistakes prepare us for the better; we learn from them. So list down your mistakes and let your readers have an idea about your mistakes so that they learn from you.

5.      Make a list of frequently asked questions FAQs because many people ask you several questions so you can write them and answer them about the service or the product that people mostly ask. Clear things that can create a question in anyone’s mind.

6.      You can create things to write and take ideas that do not relate to your niche but can write them down and link it with your blog topic. It can turn out interesting and engage the reader towards your blog more and more.

7.      Put an inclination to an influencer to post of the visitant on their blog. It can help you obtain more followers or readers. Make sure to give your best when inclining to bellwether.

8.      You have to keep a check on your competitor’s blog as it is necessary to compare your and your competitor’s blog. If their blog is better and more engaging than yours, it feels scary, but you have to be confident about yours and try to make more effort. Their blogs can be better because of a good team or better ideas. You have to take certain steps, and here is what you can do

ü List down your competitor’s weakness and strengths

ü Read the competitor’s blog carefully

ü Read your blog to proofread it

ü Ask yourself and write about it that how you can do good at your strengths along with the competitor’s weaknesses

ü Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and then if you cannot figure out the answers about your strengths and weaknesses, ask about it to a good friend or your blog readers.

9.      Figure out that what is the most interesting way that your customer is using your product. Many influencers use a product name for their book titles or chapter names, and I think it is fascinating. You can also any product’s headline for your blog name or title. So think about it and search for it to use your product for their book name or headings.

10.  You are always learning, and you can also learn new things from your followers or readers, so talk to them. Find different ways in your blog to interact with your readers so that you can catch different perspectives and concepts for better ideas

11.  You can share the tips for how you can increase your sales and followers on social media. It is a very interesting topic for people, and most people want to know about this, so let them know through your blog

12.  Make people feel thankful to you by sharing and advising them on different methods of trading. Many people are looking for guidance, and you can give it to them through your blog

13.  Explain and share more with your followers or readers. Tell them about the best parts of what you do, can do and are planning to do.

14.  Do an interview with your team members, a Q&A that will let your readers know about the people working behind the brand. People are curious about such things, so answer them in your blog

15.  Writing about hiring employees in the brand will attract more readers as many people are looking for jobs and want to have a capable employee. So write about the qualities and write what type of people a business owner needs in their brand’s team.

16.  Write down a declaration; according to Jeff Goins, it is a very good way to write down your message in a short form. If you write the message clearly, the readers get the depth of the entire message you try to interact with for a long time. For writing the declaration or manifesto, you need to do this

ü Think about what is your message

ü Think of the things that people will like to know

ü In the end, find out why the message is so necessary

Impressive ideas writing a food blog that food bloggers can use

Here are some ideas for food bloggers who want to write an attractive blog. You can use these impressive ideas for writing a great blog

1.      Try a new recipe and write it down to make a structure for your blog. As a food blogger, if you are cooking something and writing about it, you can have a lot of ideas, among which here are a few of them

ü Make something new out of different ingredients and make it successfully for writing about it in your blog

ü Share the steps, pictures and write all about it.

2.      Write about the regional recipe as people love foreign food and want the recipe to make them at their homes. You can share them in your blog

3.      Show them things that will interest people to see more. You can attach pictures of your kitchens and the stuff that you use to make the food

4.      Write about the dish and its history, which will fascinate people more and educate them more about the food. If it is a food in your family tradition, then describe and share its history and pictures.

5.      Get ideas from a professional like from a pro chef. Ask them if they will talk or have an interview with you for your blog so that you can share about them with your followers.

6.      Share the steps of the recipe and let them know how to master the cooking method

7.      Let your followers know about the beginning of your cooking journey and inspire them

8.      You can tell your readers about the healthy food that they can eat instead of junk food so let them know about the replacements of the unhealthy food

9.      You can explore a cookbook and review it, then let your followers know about it

10.  Write down a story in which you can tell a story of cooking that you did not pass and let your followers know about the precautions they can take

Ideas for beauty blog posts

There are plenty of ideas for beauty blogs, so here are the innovative ideas that beauty bloggers can use to write their blogs

1.      Check magazines and look for the beauty headlines and make something of your own by taking ideas from them

2.      You can write about your skincare routine that you do every day to keep your skin healthy. So share those tips with your followers as many need them for themselves.

3.      Write about your most favorite beauty products in which you can share about which haircare, skincare and lip care products work best for you

4.      You can list down the beauty products that you carry when you are travelling

5.      Tell your followers about beauty products that are affordable and useful. Describe the products that can save their money and beauty supplies that they can use for a longer time

6.      Write about the beauty trends that people are mostly using currently

7.      Tell the difference between two different beauty brands

Now you have it all, go ahead and start writing your blogs with so many amazing ideas.

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