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The ALETHEIA TIMES is a new brand of George's Dairy. It is a Magazine hope to be distributed in digital formats and for free. The target audience of this magazine is basically every Smartphone, Tablets and Computer users and it is hoped that in future with respect to demand, the print versions may become available too. One of the core values of the ALETHEIA TIMES is the production quality and the content quality. In respect to that, we are committed to sourcing for great partners and contributors all over the world and we also hope to blend the magazine into diverse cultures and lifestyles because it is a brand for the world.

It is also worthy of note that ALETHEIA TIMES is a Christian magazine like no other! It is hoped to become the most read magazine because it is free and it is available at just a click. With this, we wish to

  • Inform
  • Reach Out
  • Teach & bring people to the worship of God

Other great theme-features of the magazine includes

  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Technology and Science
  • Puzzle, Games, Quiz
  • Health and many more

The main part of the Magazine is the INSIDE STORIES, VIP Lounge, LIFE STYLE and FEATURED WORD

  • THE INSIDE STORIES features exclusive reports on what Christianity looks like all over the world. Our first edition features an exclusive report on Christianity in Pakistan, the life of Children Christians in India and we try to reach partners and correspondents who supply us with information right from the location. The Inside story can also feature documentaries on people's lives and how they experienced Jesus or how they were saved from certain situation.
  • THE VIP LOUNGE is a column were we meet with Christian celebrities and models, we have an exclusive media chat with them and let them share with us a whole lot of things. Our magazine is also designed to hyperlink videos of our chat with our celebrities. In the first edition, we are having an exclusive chat with our partner Chloe Rachael who is a model, a traveler, a motivational speaker and of course a lover of Christ who is based in London.
  • FEATURED WORD hopes to bring the richness of God's word right into your palms. Here we feature teachings, bible expositions or most importantly answers to questions people ask concerning the Bible. We hope to bring in the richness of George's Diary into the Magazine.
  • LIFESTYLE is a broader forum where many things can fall into. We would talk about gender, we would talk about sex, we would talk about anything that has to do with life. In the first edition, our partner based in Nwamaka Uzoigwe will be discussing "The 21st Century Women"

There are several other things to expect from ALETHEIA TIMES... Just stay tuned by subscribing to George's Diary for free! Our Subscribers gets the alert of the Magazine Lunch and how they can get the free magazine!

George O.N

Editor-in-Chief / George's Diary Admin


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