My Love Story: when George was a boy

This was a post I made on Facebook many years ago... I felt it would make sense to blog it.

I have been a writer since I was very little. I wrote for different reasons and my emotions were often the fuel of my writing speed!
When I am happy, I write about it! When I am sad, I write, when am betrayed, I write and when I have crush or enter any relationship I write about it. On many cases, I wrote books about people I then had crush for and my friends. Some knew about it, only one person received the book and others didn't even know that somehow, somewhere, they seem to exist in someone's book. 

I wrote about Onyeka Chigozie Molokwu and how we fought over nothing. Out of tears I wrote about Mrs. Ezeuzo(my biology teacher ) and how she falsely accused me of stealing her 70 naira or was it 700 naira? I wrote about Ozioma Onuorah and how we met at Early life Nursery and Primary school and then at Winners International School after spending two years at Seminary and Juniorate Convent respectively. I wrote about Chioma Oguegbe and how I had crush on her in my first day at Winners School. I wrote about Oge Sunshine Agbo... Her story is evergreen in the memories of my siblings... Hahahahaha. I wrote about Mmadu Lucia Ebere who I met during WAEC/NECO and felled in secret love without telling her till years later. 

I wrote and printed a book in great cover about Chisom Ogobuikwu (she's with a copy of the book ). I wasn't doing it then for them to see it, I just enjoyed doing it! Till date many never knew I wrote about them. I even wrote about Sarah Nite and how she said "NO" to me and Joan Onyekachi (she is happily marries to her heart throb) who I wrote "I love you" in a paper and dropped in her palms running away like a child because I was shying shy.

Those books was where I poured out my tears and emotions. It contained my secrets and sometimes my siblings especially and Chinedu would read them to have a hint of my secrets. I hid many books from them because I was too shy to even allow people read some of those things. I wrote it for myself and not for the press.

I also wrote so many romance novels and so many moral books and till date they still rest in my treasure box! A time came and I feared my family will discover this books that contains much secrets about my feelings! I burnt all of them, I burnt so many years of narrative experiences which could have joined it's mate in the National Library except the second book I wrote about Chisom. The story was burnt, I only left the poetic version behind because the cover was to beautiful to be overlooked. Some of those books even had video versions! 

Some few years later during YAC convention in 2007 or thereabout I took my relationship with God serious and things began to change for me! My genre of writing changed and I started writing another kind of ideas! It changed from a knowledge that is always hidden to a knowledge that can't hide! 

That is why on Facebook, my posts have changed from the romantic posts it used to be to a super romantic posts concerning the Love of my life! I couldn't find this kind of love from any man or woman! Remember, anything am in love with, I begin to write about it! That's why all I write these days become related to my love! JESUS! 

God allowed all these people to come my way, using what I felt about them he trained me to write about him. Have you come across Songs of Solomon before?

As a Christian, I have learn to express my feelings towards God! God gave me the writing talent and waited for me till this time to begin to use it well! 

I am happy for all the people I met... Those that made me cry, those that made me laugh and those that gave me sleepless night. They all contributed in the MAKING OF THE WRITER CALLED <a href="">GEORGE.O.N</a>....

That's why I seem to enjoy writing long texts about the love of Christ which this one joins in the queue! PEACE



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