Deconstructed Sushi Stir Fry

Deconstructed Sushi Stir Fry

This one is a personal favourite, and a favourite of my boyfriend who, through half a mouth of this stuff, exclaimed about the excellent ‘balance of textures’ in the meal.

For a man who once ate a jelly stock pot out of the packet with his fingers, right in front of my eyes, I’m not sure where this sudden interest in food texture balance came from but hey, I’ll take the praise I can get.


1 sheet sushi nori
50g brown rice (this is a raw weight. I know that conversion struggle.)
50g avocado
50g frozen mixed vegetables (your standard value bag from the supermarket, think carrots, cauliflower, peas)
15ml light soy sauce
5ml sesame oil
10g peanuts


1. Rinse and boil the rice over a medium heat for 26 minutes. In a frying pan or wok, put your frozen mixed veg over a low heat to slowly defrost.

2.Cut up your nori into small squares with scissors, and chop your avocado into chunks. Set aside.

3. Once the rice is done, drain it and throw it into the frying pan with the peanuts, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Stir over a medium heat for 5 minutes and serve, folding the avocado and sushi into the rice. Serves 1, but it’s very easy to double or quadruple this recipe- if you’re meal prepping it, leave the avocado and nori out and serve fresh on the day!

Per Serving:

373 Calories
7.7g Protein
18.2g Fat
49.3g Carbs

This recipe isn’t as macro friendly as it could be, but if you wanna up the protein a bit, I highly  recommend subbing the rice for either Udon noodles or green tea Soba noodles, which are absolutely divine (see below)

Sushi Stir Fry Green Tea Noodles

It would kinda suck if i didn’t give you the calorie/macro info for this option. I’m not gonna be that guy.

With 66g green tea noodles (sub rice):

466 Calories
13.6g Protein
18.4g Fat
58.3g Carbs

When I ever have sushi cravings and very little time for cooking, this is my go-to. I hope it serves you well.

Published by Georgie Williams

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