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My friends call me GV. They say I always have that Good Vibes in me. With this, I have given myself a mission. I want to spread Good Vibes! I thought that I must share what I experience and what I know because it is smarter than holding it everything to myself. Since I was in grade school, I kept myself a personal diary. Well, basically, I write only the things that are significant and worth the remember or anything that made me feel special. I found blogging as my open diary. But only this time, through my page, there is an additional ingredient-purpose. 

Being an only child and a working girl since I was born, only now that I have known more about myself and more of what I really want. I love to travel! I love to innovate and create something in and with any resources I have. I want to explore and experience. I love to meet new people and to discover new worlds. I want to be part of someone's inspiration and motivation.

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