Frankie Fish And The Sonic Suitcase by Peter Helliar (Review)

Frankie Fish And The Sonic Suitcase by Peter Helliar (Review)

Feb 9, 2018, 8:07:28 PM Entertainment

'Twelve-year-old Frankie Fish hates visiting his grandparents. Grandad Fish is cranky, and yells a lot, and has a creepy hook for a hand – plus he NEVER lets Frankie go inside his shed. But after a teensy tiny prank goes wrong at school, Frankie is packed off to Old-People Jail for the whole holidays.

What Frankie doesn’t know is that Grandad has been building a home-made TIME MACHINE in the Forbidden Shed, and the old man has big plans to get his missing hand back. But when Grandad goes back in time, he changes history and accidentally wipes out Frankie’s entire family – Nanna, Mum, Dad, even his annoying sister Saint Lou. Somehow, everyone is gone but Frankie and Grandad! And it’s only a matter of time until Frankie disappears too...

As the last Fish men standing, Frankie and Granddad must race back in time to undo this terrible mistake. But can they stand each other long enough to put the past back together again? And even if they manage the impossible – will Grandad's wonky time-machine ever get them home?'

I can definitely see this book being a favourite for many young readers and their families. I don’t think you could read this book and not enjoy it.

Peter Helliar has done a wonderful job with this book. This fast paced, funny book has some wonderful lessons threaded through the story. Lessons about knowing when pranks go too far, the importance of family, and knowing when to leave the past in the past and move forward.

Lesley Vamos has done a fantastic job with the illustrations in this book. Her illustrations perfectly compliment Peter Helliar's amazing story and really add an extra layer to this wonderful book.

Frankie Fish And The Sonic Suitcase by Peter Helliar is a must have for all young readers. I cant wait to see what Frankie Fish gets up to the future.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker

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