May Wrap Up 2018...

May Wrap Up 2018...

May 31, 2018, 6:55:20 PM Entertainment

Welcome to my May Wrap Up. I had a great reading month, finishing 7 books (amazingly 4 books off my TBR). I also received 7 ARC's this month, and I continued my new goal of reading 1 Shakespeare play and 10 Shakespeare Sonnets, as well as 5 Brother's Grimm fairy-tales, and 3 'books' from Les Miserable by Victor Hugo. I hope to keep this up every month for the rest of the year. I guess we will see if that actually happens.

I have reviews up or coming up for these books so as usual this is just going to be a brief run down on each book I read.

Without further ado, let's get into my May Wrap Up...

Secret Seven Adventure by Enid Blyton: I loved this book. I have recently been re reading some Enid Blyton classics, and this book is one fo my favourites. I loved getting to catch up with the Seven and Scamper. I really enjoyed reading this book and I cant wait to jump into my next Enid Blyton book.

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein: This book was an absolute roller coaster read. I laughed, I cried, and I held my breath. I went into this book will high expectations and this book well and truly surpassed them. It was equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. Everyone should read this book. I wont be forgetting it anytime soon.

The Mercy Seat by Elizabeth H. Winthrop: This book is an absolute masterpiece. The writing is superb, the story is captivating, and the characters are real. I couldn't put this book down. It is one of the best books I have ever read. All I can really say is that everyone needs to read this book.

The Vietnam War by Robert Hamilton: A History In Pictures book that everyone should read. With amazing photographs, newspaper articles and Historical Information, this amazing little book shows the Vietnam in its entirety. I found this book really interesting and the photographs were fantastic. This book would be the perfect book to start your introduction to the Vietnam War.

The Beast's Heart by Leife Shallcross: I absolutely adored this book. As a massive fan of Beauty and the Beast, I am very critical of people touching that particular tale, but this book was absolutely amazing. I honestly don't have the words to describe how wonderful this book was. I think the best way to sum it up is... The best retelling I have ever read.

The Upside Of Over by J.D. Barrett: I enjoyed this book, but I went into it with high expectations after reading J.D.. Barrett's first two books and unfortunately this one just did live up to my expectations. I did enjoy this book and it was a quick read, I just didn't love it. I couldn't fully relate to the characters and I didn't feel the hear that I was expecting. Over all this was a quick, solid read.

100 Headlines That Changed The World by James Maloney:This book was awesome. Filled with interesting information about historic events, I genuinely feel like I have learnt a lot by reading this book. I loved the background information that was given to each headline, it truly made for a wonderful read. This book is an absolute must read.

Shakespeare: I read 1 Shakespeare play and 10 Sonnets in May, I also read 1 Shakespeare Poem. I read the following Shakespeare Works This Month:

The Taming Of The Shrew

Venus And Adonis

Sonnets 41-50

Les Miserable: For those who don't know this novel, it is broken up into character sections with each character section containing 'books'. Within each of these books are chapters. These 'books' come in various sizes, it is just the luck of the draw really. I hope to read 3 'books' each month. I have read the following 'books' this month:


- Book 5: The Virtues Of Misfortune

- Book 6: Conjunction Of Two Stars

- Book 7: Patron-Minette

Brother's Grimm: I am happy to say that I not only completed my goals of reading 5 Brother Grimm Fairy Tales in May, I doubled it. I read the following Tales this month:



Simeli Mountain.

The Glass Coffin.


Old Rinkrank.

The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean.

The Hare's Bride.

The Hare And The Hedgehog.

The Dog And The Sparrow.

That's it for my May Wrap Up. I hope you all had a great reading month. Let me know what you guys read this month in the comments section.

Until my June Wrap Up...

Happy Reading...

<3 Gem

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