Minefields by Hugh Riminton (Review)

Minefields by Hugh Riminton (Review)

Oct 13, 2017, 8:54:39 PM Entertainment

A Life In The News Game...

With over forty years in journalism, Hugh Riminton has been shot at, blown up and thrown in jail. He has witnessed famine, war and every kind of natural disaster in over fifty countries on four continents. Hugh has been a frontline witness to pivotal moments in history; The Port Arthur Massacre, The Thredbo Landslide, The IRA Bombings, The Balkans at War and the Rwandan genocide. As a foreign correspondent, Hugh has had the chance to meet some of history's most important people; Barack Obama, John Howard, Malcolm Fraser and the late Nelson Mandela. Minefields in Hugh Riminton's amazing story of forty years on the frontline of news.

I loved this book...

Starting with his upbringing in Sri Lanka, to his teenage years in New Zealand, really gives to reader a chance to understand what makes Hugh tick. The choices and chance meetings that led to Hugh's amazing career make for a truly wonderful reading experience.

I loved the layout of this book. With so many stories to cover, the way in which they were broken down and told was fabulous. The stories covered in this book are mostly well-known events, so I already had an understanding of them as I was reading. Given that these events are so well-known I was glad that there wasnt an information overload. We got to read basic details and then Hugh's thoughts and experiences. This format made for a really enjoyable read.

With some truly heartbreaking stories being told, Hugh does an amazingly insightful job in capturing the best and worst of human nature. His ability to capture a situation and relate it in a deeply emotional way is a testament to his amazing talent.

This amazing memoir is filled with both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories, that will not only enlighten the reader, but stay with them long after the final page.

Minefields by Hugh Riminton will open your eyes to the world around you and leave you in awe of the human spirit.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker

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