My Teenage Son had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Darcy Shedden (Review)

My Teenage Son had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Darcy Shedden (Review)

Aug 22, 2016, 9:13:59 PM Entertainment

Darcy's story of her and teenage son David's journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is well written and very informative. This is not a medical book and Darcy does not give medical advice. The medical aspects of this book are presented from the perspective of a mother trying to help her son. Through various doctors appointments and specialists you get a glimpse into what Darcy and David went through with CFS.

I don't suffer from CFS, But I have spent the last 6 years dealing with a lot of personal illness. Drawing from my own experience with doctors and specialists I can't imagine how Darcy and David must have felt. The uncertainty of David's illness must have been exhausting. Reading about what the Shedden family went through was heartbreaking. The dedication and perseverance of this family should be applauded.

This heartfelt and interesting book was very engaging, making it a quick read. I would definitely recommend this book to parents and anyone who's life may be affected with CFS. 

Published by Geramie Kate Barker

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