November Wrap Up 2018...

November Wrap Up 2018...

Nov 30, 2018, 7:44:18 PM Entertainment

Welcome to my November Wrap Up. I had a great reading month, finishing 8 books (3 books off my TBR). I also received 3 ARC's this month, and I continued my new goal of reading 1 Shakespeare play and 10 Shakespeare Sonnets, as well as 5 Brother's Grimm fairy-tales, and 3 'books' from Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.

I have reviews up or coming up for these books so as usual this is just going to be a brief run down on each book I read.

Without further ado, let's get into my November Wrap Up...

Santa Bruce by Ryan .T. Higgins: This book was beautiful. Written and illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins, this book was absolutely perfect. The illustrations brought to life the wonderful story being told. Every page of this book was stunning and oozing joy. This book is a must have for all young readers this Holiday season.

Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever by Various Authors: This was a really fun book. With 9 different stories written by 9 different authors, there is something in this book for everyone. I had a smile on my face from start to finish and some genuine laugh out loud moments. I can see this being a favourite for middle grade readers and a great book to read aloud at bedtime for those younger readers.

Favourite Enid Blyton Stories by Enid Blyton: This book was absolutely amazing. It was filled with some of Enid Blyton's most awesome stories, with introductions by various famous people and breathtaking illustrations. I am so happy to have this amazing book to add to my Enid Blyton Collection. This book will be adored by everyone who reads it and is a must have for all good bookshelves.

The Children Of Cherry Tree Farm by Enid Blyton: This story was beautiful. I don't remember ever reading this book before so reading it for the first time as an adult was a truly wonderful experience. I loved everything about this book; the characters, animals and plot were all amazing. I don't have a bad word to say about this book.

Floodline by Kathryn Heyman: This book was absolutely fantastic. I was captivated from the first page and I didn't want it to end. The story being told was so emotional and utterly human, that it was easy to forget you weren't actually living it. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this book.

Esme's Wish by Elizabeth Foster: I loved this book. I am so glad that I decided to read it and I am so excited knowing that it is going to be a series. The characters were interesting and relatable so it made it really easy to fall into this story. I loved the magic and mystery in this book. The writing was beautiful and had a really lyrical quality about it. I cant wait to continue with this series.

Marge And The Secret Tunnel by Isla Fisher: This book was great. I really love the Marge In Charge books. They are fun, sweet, and thoroughly entertaining. These books are perfect to read aloud with kids at bed time. I can easily see Marge And The Secret Tunnel being a favourite for young readers and their families.

The Ice Monster by David Walliams: This book was fantastic. I am a huge fan of David Walliams' books and this didn't disappoint. With awesome characters and a beautiful story, this book is a must have for all young readers. With amazing illustrations by Tony Ross, this book is overflowing with awesomeness.

Shakespeare: I read 1 Shakespeare play and 31 Sonnets in November. I read the following Shakespeare Works This Month:

The Second Part Of King Henry The Sixth

Sonnets 103-134

Les Miserable: For those who don't know this novel, it is broken up into character sections with each character section containing 'books'. Within each of these books are chapters. These 'books' come in various sizes, it is just the luck of the draw really. I have read the following 'books' this month:

The Idyll In The Rue Plumet And The Epic Of The Rue Saint-Denis:

- Book 15: In The Rue De L'Homme-Arme

Jean Valjean

- Book 1: War Within Four Walls

- Book 2: The Entrails Of The Monster

- Book 3: Mire, But The Soul

- Book 4: Javert In Disarray

Brother's Grimm: I am happy to say that I not only completed my goals of reading 5 Brother Grimm Fairy Tales in November, I well and truly surpassed it. I read the following Tales this month:

The Lazy Spinner

The Three Sluggards

The Twelve Idle Servants

The Twelve Huntsmen

The Maid Of Brakel

Hans In Luck

Clever Elsie

Hans Married

The Boy Who Did Not Fear

Frederick And Catherine

Wise Folks

The Bremen Town-Musicians

Lazy Harry

Brides On Their Trial

The Spindle, The Shuttle, And The Needle

The Peasant's Wise Daughter

The Shepherd-Boy

The Master-Thief

The Three Brothers

The Four Skillful Brothers

The Turnip

Going A-Traveling

Donkey Cabbages

Snow-White And Rose-Red

The Poor Miller's Boy And The Cat

The Old Woman In The Wood

The Lambkin And The Little Fish

The Juniper-Tree

The Three Litter Men In The Wood

Jorinda And Jorindel

The Goose-Girl At The Well

The White Bride And The Black One

Little Brother And Little Sister

The Gold-Children

The Golden Goose

The Two Brothers

Ferdinand The Faithful

The Three Black princesses

That's it for my November Wrap Up. I hope you all had a great reading month. Let me know what you guys read this month in the comments section.

Until my December Wrap Up...

Happy Reading...

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