Chains Are Coming

Chains Are Coming

Cigarette buds and empty bottles liquor transport you a hallway of white walls. Cold chains around your hands and neck, chocking you. You'e become acquainted with the demons around you, smirking and promising you a better life. You hear voices talking about change from a man in a three- piece suit; about a man on an iron throne that's going to color the blank page of society. 

Your lung start to burn with the fire of desire for a better government. Sweet little child being held down by the chain of our ignorance. You use your white lighters to see a better tomorrow but it burns the blank sheet of paper that holds the potential of our society. 

As you scream for change, the chains around your neck tighten, choking you per howl of change. These are the times when you imagine that calling out the patriarchy can only lead to your lifeless body being found in an abandon lot with a card board sign around your neck. It's the time to welcome the end of an era of freedom and say hello to dead bodies turning up everyday with signboards as if they were animals in the meat market. This is the world of fun. this is the world you are a part of.

A world that was once a clean sheet of white paper but is now a wasteland of pure darkness. This society runs on the gasoline that the government provides; it is just a machine fueled by those in power of the regime. The voices wont leave you alone, screaming to be in control. Maybe everything is just about survival of the riches.

Like they say "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Published by Ghela Marie

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