Hey, how's life?

Hey, how's life?

Sep 12, 2016, 1:40:21 AM Life and Styles

Hey Strangers!

It has been two weeks since the last post. Today, let's take a little journey to your heart instead of travelling to somewhere far away. So, tell me, have you ever been asked this question:

"Hey, How's life?"

and here is the most common reply I can find:

"Yeah! Been alright"

and end of conversation....

Feeling like the more we grow up, the more stories or thoughts we keep for ourselves. Remember when we were kids, most of the times we have trouble, we normally run to parents and talk about it. Or we can share random things with the other kids.

Now, before saying anything, we have to consider the person we are talking to, the timing of the convo or the good way to express it. In the end, when it is too complicated, we just say "It's alright" and then keep everything for yourself. Even when you see your friends who seem to understand you the most, you don't want to trouble them with your own thoughts. That's why you just say "it's alright" to make them not worry for you with your big fake smile :) even you may just go somewhere else and cry.

If that's ever the case, there is an interesting quote I found on the internet: there are some spaces exist which are not supposed to be filled up. So it is ok for not to share those moments or create an empty land where no one can enter. It is also ok for you to spend time for yourself and figure out what to do with that empty land. You may want to build big house, plant some tree or just smash it to get over your anger. Or find a stranger to talk to so you wont have to go through all thinking process. Once stranger walks away, your heavy thought will go with them as well.

So till the next time when I bump into you and ask: "Hey, how's life?"

You can tell me: "Life has been AMAZING! Here is why....."

and continue our conversation with some drinks ... :)

Cheers, Stranger! :)

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