Tragedy Happens

Tragedy Happens

Jun 15, 2016, 7:28:15 PM News

Tragedy affects us all.  Whether we see death on the news or experience it first hand...It inevitably happens and is one of the worst parts of life.  And quite frankly, it sucks.  I looked in the thesaurus to find a more eloquent way to say "sucks," but to me, this word was the most fitting.

I've been lucky enough to have lived through many beautiful experiences in my 20 years, and have only had to grieve over one familial death.  (Rest in peace, Maw Maw.  PS: Sometimes we can still smell your Velveeta Cauliflower roasting in the oven.)

But something happened this past weekend that struck a chord inside of me.  Something that drove me to write this article and gather the courage to post it.

It was the shooting of Christina Grimmie, a 22 year old singer.

What made me upset wasn't her fame, vocal ability, or the fact that I religiously watched her on YouTube in  the 7th grade.  I was upset because she was 22 years old.  And that's just two years older than myself.

Christina had so many experiences yet to live, personal goals to reach, boys to fall in live with, songs to sing.  And a man wrenched those things from her with one release of a finger.  One cock and pull.

To me, her death was tragic.

All deaths are devastating.  Every person's death deserves to be recognized and grieved over.  Still, death is natural: elderly people's hearts give out, terminal illnesses strike, natural disasters happen.  But when a man takes a loaded machine and intentionally kills a young, maturing woman - it is not natural.

Deaths like Christina's just shouldn't happen.

People shouldn't deliberately take the future of another, take experiences from another, take the life of another.  

Murder, in any form, should not exist.

But it does.  And it's tragic.

But "popular" deaths like these should teach us, the living, a lesson.  It has been told to us a million times and in a million ways - live your life to the fullest, YOLO, live every day like it is your last, and on and on and on.  We need to take these cheesy, overdone, but universal sayings to heart.

Do you have an amazing opportunity?  Take it.  Did you get asked out on a date? Put on your heals.  Do you live near the ocean?  Dive in.

I didn't want my first post to be a sad one, but the events this past weekend in Florida affected me, and I'm sure it more strongly affected others.  These awful, unprecedented events deserve to have a voice, to have someone reflect deeply on their own choices, to have someone finally recognize the value of life.

I hope my article helped you in some way or another, and I look forward to sharing more bright, uplifting stories with you soon.

Gigi Nally,

Published by Gigi Nally

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