Why Should You Hire an Offshore React Native Company?

React native is the best tool to build robust and affordable apps for both android and ios. Its open-source mobile application framework has extensive libraries with pre-configured components that decrease the codebase up to 95%. React native development saves a lot of time and capital for businesses and companies. 

A mobile application for offering products and services is the top priority for many businesses, and every enterprise considers having their app developed the right way. 

One crucial step is to select a competent offshore react native developer who overlooks the entire mobile application development process, which is fast and cost-effective. 

There are multiple ways to hire a react native developer -

  1. You can hire a freelance developer 
  2. You can hire a full-time in-house developer 
  3. You can hire an offshore react native app development company 

Hiring an offshore react-native agency is one of the most credible options for hiring reliable offshore developers. 

What is offshore hiring?

The process of mobile app development can take anywhere between 12 weeks to 6 months, depending upon the features and complexity of the application. You can either hire an in-house team of developers for a single mobile application project or hire an offshore company with different experts. 

The first step is to hire a React JS development company. You can pay them in terms of hourly work or monthly work. The offshore company suggests the best developers for your project to take the process further, which you can hire and get the development started. Offshore companies have a pool of coding talent for all kinds of software development projects; thus, you can trust their employees' capabilities to deliver the best mobile app for your business. 

Why hire an offshore react-native company?

On average, the cost of developing a mobile application in the USA is 5x more than in an offshore country. Consider the following scenario; if you decide on in-house development, you have to hire a whole team of developers (if you're a non-tech business) or hire experts for a specific role (if you're a tech company). Think about how much it might take you to hire the right talent and expertise and get the development going. It may be months before the entire team is recruited and the process starts. Now, on top of the monthly salary, there are other bonuses, insurance, office space, and others. 

But if you go for an offshore react native app development, there are a lot of benefits.

1. Less expensive 

Business runs on cash flow but saving up is equally essential for them too. So before making a decision, it is vital to consider the cost it will incur. Hiring an in-house team is quite expensive over an offshore react native development company. You have to pay a lot more for resources and talent. If you consider hiring a freelancer, there is no guarantee of quality and on-time delivery. But with an offshore company, you get a cost-effective alternative with the assurance for quality and on-time product release to market. 

2. Global Talent 

One of the most significant drawbacks of hiring locally is access to limited expertise. Not all businesses are set up in Silicon Valley. Hence business owners and executives must consider before hiring in-house. On the other hand, hiring an offshore react native developer is the same as hiring an employee. Plus, you don't have to worry about any resources. The offshore company takes care of everything. Your sole responsibility is to hire the right partner for react native app development services

3. Security & Support 

The offshore development companies create software solutions for multiple clients and are equipped with the latest technical infrastructure. In addition, the company ensures high-level security of your business and customer's data. The react native development company also provides support and maintenance for the app after project deployment, such as fixing bugs and updating new features in the app. 

Final thoughts 

The offshore development market has matured considerably in the last decade. You can trust such companies to create a quality software product with value for money. 

If you're also looking to develop an app for your enterprise, hire our react-native agency. We have worked with clients worldwide, and we are sure that we can offer a solution for your business problem as well. 

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