Lazy Holidays To Bintan

Hello Bintan after 8 years apart! 


Here I am because once more accommodation and food are fully paid for :) 



Brown came for work as his offsite meeting is at Bintan Lagoon Clubhouse so I got a kinda of free trip as I only paid S$60 for the ferry tickets.


I had booked Bintan Resort Ferries online and landed at Bandar Bentan Telani ferry terminal instead of Bintan Lagoon direct terminal as they only offer 2 timing which doesn't work for us as we left on 12th Sept Singapore public holiday. 



The ferry selfie! haha! 


Ferry suppose to leave at 5pm but we took off around 4.40pm as all the passenger boarded. It is around 1 hour ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Indonesia is one hour behind Singapore so when we reached there we are still at 5pm. 


After we got there, we took a shuttle bus service to Bintan Lagoon which is around 15 minutes road trip. To be honest, asking me to pay for a trip to Bintan I doubt I will do that. I would pay to go Batam to eat all the yummy Indo food. I would pay to go Bali to enjoy resort. But not Bintan. It's kinda of not worth it. 


While Brown was checking in, camwhore start doing selfie again! Just to tell her Facebook friends, she's here! haha! 


Damn shameless of me though! 






The looks familiar pool view from the main lobby but they had revamped a lot since I last visited. There isn't this open balcony then to see this view. Main lobby furniture had also been replaced. 




The looks of it compared to 8 years ago was much more relaxing. I guess the sum was needed for a revamp as more and more resorts "invaded" Bintan for a share of their profits. If you can't keep up then you will be out. I also noticed that there are more food outlets compared to back then! 


Alright, finally our room. Room is huge but view sucks. Then again it is free, I can't complain too much. They done some minor revamp to the room as well. But honestly, the room wasn't really well maintained. I spot spider web, lizard or don't what crap on the curtain, toilet bowl edges not properly clear, racks at the toilet mirror dusty etc. You can blame it on my job nature cause everyday my job is to spot all these but it was just too obvious and Brown notice it except the curtain crap. 




In general, the bed I sleep on still clean so I just keep my mouth shut from giving feedback. 


Then again, there are really alot of ants in the room after we ate in for our dinner. That's goes wrong for our dinner on bed. 


Our full dinner spread! 


Ok it is me who over ordered again because I was really hungry. I have this bad habit of ordering alot when I am hungry to realized later, "Shit! I am full already!" The worse part is, I probably just finish half serving of my dish and tell you that. So can you imagine how mad Brown is when I do that all the time?


But this time, he was hungry too. So we wipe all out except the fries. 


I ordered some spicy prawns and Brown order Nasi Ayam. We add on Gado Gado and a fries. Guess how much this dinner cost before taxes! it is like S$60! OMG! It is sooooooo freaking expensive! After dinner, 2 fat asses feeling full just doesn't want to move the ass suck up to watch movie on HBO while Brown was watching and doing work at the same time to prepare for the meeting tomorrow. 



So with that... goodnight for Day 1!




Day 2 was adventure day. I planned for flying fish and ATV. Sadly no flying fish cause no pilot available. 


But before that, Hello Breakfast on the bed!




Hooo mee goreng is superb! Love this! The portion is huge too, 2 person can share. 




Pan cake actually not too bad but mee goreng took the shine for this case. 


After this let's go for a ride. 



I paid S$60 for 30 minute ride. It was fun and glad I had this once. It isn't too difficult to operate as initially I was rather reserved having to ride on my own.



Fun time ended fast enough. With that, I went into rotting mode. 






I need to chill out at the lobby as I need to let housekeeper to clean my room. 


I head back for a shower around 12pm and then slacking on the bed watching HBO again. 


And then lunch!




Lunch selfie. 



I head off to Fiesta for lunch. Fiesta is the one that is the largest in Bintan Lagoon. Let me share some photos with you. 





It is at least 2 times bigger than how it used to be like before. But it is very warm. No aircon leh!!!




Chicken Briyani for lunch. Hmmm, I still preferred the mee goreng though. 



Happy girl lunch. 


So sunbathe! 




Honestly nothing much to do in Bintan beside eat and sleep. So hor, I went back to catch nap..


Dinner was at clubhouse next to golf course which I regret almost immediately cause I saw alot of lizards sticking onto the wall. 



Can't remember what this is call exactly. Not so bad but it's beef and I don't like. The one I hate in Batam Turi Resort taste so much better!



The worse of all is the warm and humid night. You just literally sweat non stop and like what I say it is like all restaurant no aircon! In any case, I should had called for room service. Eat at my own comfort with aircon. 



Heading home day I looked forward, getting bored already. With all the massage and things so expensive I really can't do much there. 


Rainy day homebound...



Goodbye Bintan! 


No I won't miss you. 

No, I won't be back soon. 





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