Weekend Sleepover Kukup Malaysia

Just came back from Bangkok, my next weekend was spent in Kukup Malaysia. I come to realize a lot of my friends know where is JB but not Kukup. In fact, Kukup is about 1.5 hours drive from JB and is a fishing village. 


The resident here rely on fishing to earn their keeping also tourists. Because it is so near JB, Johor Bahru over the weekend, alot of Singaporean would come here for a cheap getaway. Besides that, we get to eat fresh yet cheap seafood.


As mum's friend Aunty Moi organized this trip, we paid S$96 per head. All was good except it was a small 17 seater bus that is really small and cramp. Other than that I am happy. Because by the time we finished the clearance it was already 11.10am, we skipped breakfast and headed off the Kukup straight. Lunch was served at a restaurant which offer a seafood feast but I didn't manage to take photo of any cause we were all starving! 


The feast include, poached prawns, chilli crabs, sweet sour fish, vegetables, tofu and some I really can't recall. 


After lunch was settled, we took a quick ferry ride to one of the kelong thereafter our stay for a night. 


Our short ferry ride.



My ferry ride with scenery...



And not forgetting to pose!



We paid this kelong a short visit.


Ain't this cute?


This is specimen they made out a puffer fish. 


Then this is the real one  from the Kelong they took it out from. 


After that, we headed off to our stay! 



The stay for the night is Mangrove Floating Chalet. I wasn't expecting it was a bunk instead of a normal room like hotel. 



Bro and I opt for the upper deck since the elderly we bunk in cannot be the one climbing up the upper deck. Our rooms are near the canteen where we eat our food and beside our room, it is a KTV area. It is exclusively for us. Not all the rooms in the homestay are configure like the ones we had. We were quite lucky to have this entertainment room all by our own group. 


The home stay offer tea break buffet, breakfast buffet, dinner ala cart buffet and supper. You gonna eat so much that come home with the extra kilos on your body. 


I went home to roam around the vicinity and honestly nothing much. Bought buckwheat pillow and the coconut jelly dessert. 


Jelly was cooling and refreshing and selling at RM$9.50 for one. 


Sunset came in before dinner commence so took some photos too after a nice shower. 




Dinner served! It is BBQ ala cart buffet. 


Sting ray with sambal chilli

Chicken satay


Honey glazed chicken wings









Steamed dumpling. 



Sambal Lala



Roasted sweet potatoes



BBQ prawns






Sambal sotong


All these food are FREE FLOW! You can order as many as you like. Sambal chilli is great but the owner doesn't sell. After the dinner, supper is served at 10pm with a choice of porridge or toast. I am too full for supper despite not having to eat rice for dinner. 


So then when the bed time came, I only manage to sleep for 3 hours due to all the snoring. I woke up at 5.48am to be the first to brush my teeth and get ready for breakfast.


Breakfast buffet have 8 variety. Fried eggs, tea eggs, plan porridge, pickle, bake beans, fried bee hoon, nasi lemak and the local malay kueh kueh. 



My choice. I ate 6 of these eggs! 



That is me without make up early in the morning. 


When breakfast was due, we went to roam around to see the morning market but nothing much. Except the aunties got good bargain for some clothes and shoes. I went for foot massage before leaving for the day. 


When I went back to the chalet, all showered and ready to go except me. So I hurried myself for it and leave for lunch at the same place on day 1. After lunch, we head to KSL but worried about the massive jam we experienced the day before, we left KSL like 3pm. 



So home bound and done so shopping at KSL. Bought few tops for my Bintan trip and has my craving satisfy for Penang laska. 



Trip was short but I enjoyed the dinner the most, Imagine, I get to eat my lala at free flow! 


We will be back again but this time round I will be more equipped. Such as a portable wifi cause the signal is too weak. It is not working. Get some books or board games. 


I miss my lala already..

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