Dirt On Your Knees

Dirt On Your Knees

Sep 14, 2016, 9:52:05 PM Creative

This is a result of too much Nickleback, my inspiration comes from meeting someone new for the first time, over time it develops into something stronger but the first thing on most guys mind at the very beginning is relatively simple. Enjoy reading and find me on Facebook for more, www.facebook.com/glennthomaspoetry


She said I’m not too happy in my relationship

She gave me a sniff and expected me not be invasive

Commitment issues, that makes two of us

But I can’t shake you off, you’ve shook me up

The taste of your lips, took all of my patience

How does one night turn strangers into favourites?

It’s a bit loud in here, let’s slip out for a bit

I’d give anything to be where that cigarette is

One track mind, I’m honestly not that guy

Did I just say that; did you believe that lie?

The guilt and shames been concealed in your brain

As you let the ethanol and my touch, kill the pain

Slap it away, my hands get a head of their selves

Are you looking for comfort or wedding bells?

Because if it’s the latter then I doubt I can help

But one night, that’s not all I expect you from girl

That’s not all you’re worth, you’re the earth to me

That’s why I just want to get some dirt on your knees


Published by Glenn Thomas

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