Man's Gift

There is a lot of talk in the media about Female dress code and everyone has an opinion on it, I tried to be completely honest with this and put my truth into writing it. I believe in equality and freedom of expression, this was the outcome. More poetry can be found at 


I love the summer in the city

To see these chicks in their bikinis

No beach in sight but a wandering eye

Has me licking my lips at the sights


I guess that’s the stereotype I am

I’m not scared to admit I’m like every man

You can call me a misogynistic arsehole

But I’ll take my cheap thrills where I can


I love it when they dress like that

I’d give anything to get you to my flat

Undress you and lay you on your back

Make love and smile that summer is back


I don’t want to disrespect you

Your free to dress the way you do

And my wandering eye should be a compliment

Take it as a boost to your confidence


But you’re not asking for it

You have a right to be offended

The way we are, disgusts me to

Beneath it all, I got love for you


But if you don’t dress in that manner

They tell you your opinion doesn’t matter

You can’t be free, unless you walk half naked

Trapped in the gaze of a verbal rapist


Ban the burka in the name of freedom

Hear them the chant, “it’s finally gone”

You have to dress like, what they call a slut

Because you’re not free if you choose to cover up


Because Helen Skelton’s dress was to revealing

Shame on her, going live on TV

And then we attack innocent women

For wearing too much for our system


Because for guys like us, it’s perfect

You tell us that they all deserve it

And if they don’t submit, we’ll ban it

Because you are not free you are man’s gift


The irony is you wear too much, take it off

But if you wear too little, your also wrong

How easy it must be to be a man

Because we can wear whatever we want


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Peace and Love

Published by Glenn Thomas

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