The Distrust of Darwin

The Distrust of Darwin.
Another Pocket Story. 06.

A young Indian boy from Cape Horn is taken for exhibition in London. Charles Darwin has serious doubts about this experiment.



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Cape Horn
Coordinates 54°56′00″S 67°37′00″W


South of the Island of Tierra del Fuego, separated from her by the Beagle Channel, extends in the Pacific Ocean the Archipelago of Cape Horn, country of the "Yámanas".

For these human beings, the canoe, anan, was the dwelling during most of its life, Eternal navigators, magnificent sailors, its small women of 1.49 ms. Of medium height, were those who preferred to roam. The man, 1.58 m. As an average of stature, lurking in the prow of the anan, armed with harpoons, arrows and sling, fulfilled its role of meat supplier to the family: birds, fish, elephants and sea lions. Sometimes made with chungungo skin, a small loincloth for the adults and “capita” that covered little more of the back. Curled up inside the unan, they needed no more protection. The rain, the snow, or the icy wind did not torment their naked bodies of broad chests, strong arms and short legs.


Jemmy Button, Yámana. (1815-1864)

He was 14 years old, his name was Orundellico. The English called him Jemmy Button, they got it in exchange for a nacre button. Jemmy had great intelligence and adaptability and made connections with the crew of the HMS Beagle. He was taken to England to be exhibited and civilized. After a year in London, Jemmy decides to return to Cape Horn, to his seas and canoe.


Robert FitzRoy

(Ampton Hall, Suffolk, 1805 - Norwood, Surrey, 1865) British marine and astronomer. He entered the English Navy in 1819. As commander of the HMS Beagle (1828), he explored the coasts of South America around Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (1828-1830).


Charles Darwin, British Naturalist. 1809 - 1882

The theory of the origin of species is based on chance and natural selection imposed by an external environment. Darwin postulates that living organisms evolve not by their transformations in complexity, but by their adaptation to the environment in which they evolve.

El origen de las especies por medio de la selección natural / C. Darwin ; traducción ... Antonio de Zulueta. Madrid : Calpe, 1921. 3 v.

Museo Precolombino: Yámanas.
Yámanas: los primitivos más australes de la tierra.
El botón de nácar (2015) Documental.

The Distrust of Darwin. Another Pocket Story 06.
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