Instagram Sensation: Angel Face Botanicals

Instagram Sensation: Angel Face Botanicals

I have been using Angel Face Botanicals products for a while now.  This dynamic duo was the only set that I've purchased from AFB a month ago. 


Angel Face Botanicals is from the USA, and the ingredients used are strictly organic, natural and hand-picked by the owner, Jessica Ress!  I've known about this brand when I stumbled upon her profile on Instagram.  It was truly a sign!  Since we're fated, I've decided to give this brand a try.


Because the shipping fee was pretty expensive, I'd opted for the travel size dynamic facial duo set.


I'm very much a facial oil cleanser kinda girl.  Moreover, with a detox mask?  It's truly something worth investing in for the health of our skin, especially our face.  First impressions always derive from how good or presentable we often look.  And most of the time, people tend to look at our face the first thing they spot us.


But nevertheless, if you locals do not mind the shipping fees, please do not hesitate to try Angel Face Botanicals.  My face has been gradually improving since the use of the Luscious Oil Cleanser.   Upon removing makeup, it does not dry out the skin - unlike facial wipes. Moreover for those with sensitive / combination skin (like me), you do not have to worry about breakouts or rashes.  Of course, you will have to prepare moisturizer (e.g. facial oil, serum, cream, etc.) after the detox mask, otherwise your face will feel exposed and starts to become flaky.  Ugh, that is definitely not a good feeling!


Tip: Always put on moisturizer! 


Also since they're travel-sized, I can simply carry it with me anywhere I go - especially during travels!  If I were to choose amongst the skincare products that I have, I'd definitely choose to bring this dynamic duo with me!


Self-love is so important nowadays, especially for those who often neglect themselves due to obligations, parenthood, guilt, etc.  It is absolutely fine to be selfish for yourself.  For when you are selfish, you can then become selfless.  Remember, the love that you give yourself can never be felt from anyone or anything else in life.  It is that sacred.


Cherish your skin, love yourself!


P.S. Huge shoutout to Jessica for these awesome, eco-friendly & empowering products!  My skin never felt happier! Thank you ♡

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