Maldives: Travelling to the exclusive Finolhu Island

Maldives: Travelling to the exclusive Finolhu Island

Jul 17, 2016, 2:48:03 PM Life and Styles

"Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta 

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I am a lucky lucky girl living in an (extra)ordinary world. Honeymooning in Maldives has always been a childhood dream...but well, this is close enough to a honeymoon. At least part of my dream to come here came alive! And...who says dreams don't come true? You'll just have to keep wishing upon a star! 

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This trip has been one of the most incredible vacation that I've ever had in my entire 20 years of life! Bless my mom for this beautiful dream-come-true! We came here to celebrate her magnificent birthday. In the first place, we never research much about Maldives, but since there's special offer here in ClubMed Finolhu, why not? We took that offer up in an instant! With much consideration on our budget...of course. Ü


Not to mention, the awesome team of GOs here in ClubMed made our wishes came true! We've actually booked for the Beach Villas since it's considerably cheaper than the lagoon suites. But bless them! They've upgraded us to the most beautiful lagoon suite villa ever! Imagine my reaction when they called me up to announce that!! Ahhhhhh~


We have had the most splendid view from our villa! The exterior is simply mouth-watering. Can you even imagine the interior? I'm not gonna spoil it by posting the interior. So, I guess you'll just have to see it for yourself when you're there! ヅ


Not to forget, a huge THANK YOU to our favourite butlers -- BOO & RICHARD -- who always strive for professionalism, efficiency & efficacy! Even though they're constantly busy with other stuff, they never fail to send our breakfast on time. Being a typical Singaporean, we expect a lot from them & appreciates punctuality. Thank goodness they've achieved our expectations wonderfully. We had a really pleasant & enjoyable 2-day stay there.

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Food, food & more food! There's always food available in ClubMed no matter which ClubMed you go to. The above are my favourites in Finolhu! Above all, the lobster meal was the best that I've ever tasted! It was so fresh & juicy, it's simply irresistible!! As I'm typing this, my mouth starts watering. Gosh!


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It was a pleasant sight to see Peter hanging around & posing for me to take a picture before he flew off to catch some fishes to eat. Above are some exclusive pictures of our view at the Wellness Spa. That one day we had our spa session, it rained heavily. And guess what? Our hut was shaking like crazy! I was praying so hard that the stilts won't collapse. Thank God we've completed our session & made it out safely!



If given another chance, I'd no doubt travel to Maldives again. I do hope that there's other special offers running in the future, especially for ClubMed members! I'd love to head over to Mauritius next, if possible! *hint* ﭢ

P.S. Huge THANK YOU to the beautiful people in the pictures above! They've made our stay even more fun & enjoyable! Also, really do appreciate the speedboat crew which actually brought us safely to & fro from Malé airport to the beautiful Finolhu island, and vice versa. I can't wait to be back again! #takemeback #maldives #ClubMedFinolhu

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