Domestic Affairs, Kitchen Snares.

Domestic Affairs, Kitchen Snares.

Jul 15, 2016, 6:41:37 AM Opinion

Erm okay I realised my title made it sound like a post about women cheating in relationships…but that will not be the topic matter of day (and I don’t think it will ever be unless some strong opinions come lurking in haha)! Rather, it’s about our modern women and dun dun…the domestic chores. This very precarious balance between a working female and the working housewife – the double shifts of the woman in a family unit.

I recall seeing this term in a sociological lecture about double shifts. When industrialisation started, women could go out to find employment opportunities, and while this was (and still is) an enabler, the traditional role of the woman staying home to cook and clean still persisted. Cook, clean, wash and glean (harvest), what’s a woman not to do? This was the frustration and stress placed upon many mothers, especially with the transition into a nuclear family structure as well.

Now, times have changed, and there are significantly a greater number of people living alone and choosing not to settle down, or not getting married till later. This itself poses more situations in which people have to learn domestic skills to fend for themselves – after all, how many times have we ended up with charred black pots after many insidious battles with recipes involving vegetables, meat or stir fry noodles? The role seems to be more balanced nowadays, whatnot with the empowerment of women’s right and so forth.

Personally, I enjoy making simple dishes and cooking for my family, because the sunshine beams on my family’s face and warm smiles fit my affirmation-seeking nature and I feel validated like a whole new person!! Okay but that aside, cooking is like a toy with connectable parts you have to figure out where to place – so many experiments you could do with it, or even just choose to follow the recipe straight. Stirring ingredients, tasting the outcomes and even occasionally burning the pan is part of the process I find focus in, and a kind of release for my pensiveness in daily activity. Some directed structure in food, please.

Also, cooking is really a survival skill and also a way to trick potential husbands/boyfriends* in the future.

“So what do you do as a hobby?”
“Oh, I enjoy cooking as a hobby.”

+10 points to wife material when all you can actually cook are variations of fried rice and eggs and burnt food outcomes. Just like me without recipe references!

*Note: I do not advocate this and I trust that dear reader, you can tell this is a joke. Of course I believe in honesty and also, hiding your flaws hahaha okay no one will take my side comments too seriously now.

I enjoy making poop-looking food in particular. Or rustic, if you want some swanky words.


I am no feminist so I shall indulge myself in my frivolous domestic dreams below.

When I have a home of my own, the three kitchen items I would buy would be:

  1. Airfryer

    Words cannot describe how many raves I’ve read online about airfryers and how amazingly crispy they make food and how little oil is being used! I think this is the perfect alternative if you want to cook something with a lot of crisp but yet refuse to partake in the negative health connotations of food dripping with oil. Fried food without oil – challenging our mental beliefs one by one.
  2. Multi-purpose rice cooker
    We have one at home and omg it is AMAZING!! You can even stir fry and bake cakes in this haha sorry I am a very suaku auntie yeah. This would be so useful because I am a scavenger for multi-purpose usage in objects like HOW MANY WAYS CAN THIS SKIRT BE WORN?? FOR WEDDING? FOR CASUAL? CAN HIDE FOOD BABY? But I just usually buy it la hahaha.
  3. Oven cum microwave

    Another multipurpose item! Also can be used as a toaster/griller if you have the adaptions and the works. This would be useful for baking and reheating stuff, since I perceive my future life will involve a lot of reheating of leftovers and throwing food in the oven to thaw/defrost while reading articles on the internet.

Clearly too much Cake Mania and Diner Dash existed in my younger days.

On a more practical note, besides kitchenware, for the other household affairs…

  1. Washing machine – I am not going to hand scrub all the clothes like a slave…
  2. Broom and dustpan – Old fashioned me prefers a broom to a vacuum despite the efficiency. I just get this sense of satisfaction in seeing the dirt swept up and in the dust pan, as if my room now knows a new life! (This shows you how dirty my room is maybe)
  3. Cloths to WIPE DOWN THE ENTIRE HOUSE! Rags are very important, a household essential.

Okay maybe just some cleaning services and a part-time maid. Though I do like cleaning actually, I like seeing clean things after moments of labour and scrubbing and huffing and puffing. One of my dreams in younger days involved taking on a housewife role, though this has definitely changed in recent years.

All in all…POWER TO WOMEN!!

Till then,

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