How Do I Strip Pictures from PowerPoint Presentation?

How Do I Strip Pictures from PowerPoint Presentation?

Dec 15, 2021, 7:58:33 AM Business

Nowadays, it's rare that individuals presenting their ideas or proposals without visual aids. These visual aids are so technologically advanced that they are now possible to locate and design them with the use of a software known as Microsoft PowerPoint in the computer.

The PowerPoint is designed to give an more efficient ways to present:

  • Reports,
  • Ideas,
  • Proposals, etc.

Anything can be created by bending the rules and not getting boring for our viewers. We design PowerPoint presentation that combines text and pictures to expose the entirety of what we truly would like to share with our viewers.

The most common use of generally, the PowerPoint presentations are the usage of text and images for purpose of instruction. PowerPoint presentations are used for instructional purposes. PowerPoint slide (or slideshow) is widely employed by trainers, businessmen as well as students. Slideshows are used for oral presentations, lectures and business proposals. They can include video, text, graphics as well as music to keep listeners entertained during the presentation.

We enjoy some of the photos that we see in a presentation that we would like to copy and apply for our own presentation also (as as long as copyrights violated and of course). However, copying images isn't as simple a action as pressing CTRL + C key on keyboards, so we need these steps to make copying images from PowerPoint presentations in a matter of three steps.

  • It is necessary to start the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to download the images from.Next, visit the particular page where you will find the images. After you've found the image, press the ALT button at the bottom left and top right sides of the keyboard (though it is only necessary to hold just one of them) and then press the PrtSc (which refers to Screen Print Screen) button.
  • Once you have pressed on the Alt as well as PrtSc keys shut down your PowerPoint presentation and then open the Paint program, which is generally found in the Start Menu, in the category of accessories.
  • Once Paint is open, hold the Ctrl button close to the Alt key, and then hold the key V. This keyboard shortcut is utilized in order to copy the screen that you printed (which you have already done in earlier steps) to the blank page that you created in Paint. You could also paste the screen printed using the Paste option in the Clipboard menu.
  • After you have completed the images that you removed in the presenter, you are now able to make your presentation save by hitting the key F12. It is also possible to locate an option to Save As command from the Menu bar. If you see the Save As window appears, modify the filename Untitled to the name you would like to use for your photo.

Once you've completed the file's name, press to save the file. The next thing you need to do is to look at the photos you cut out of the PowerPoint presentation that you enjoyed the most.

In addition to using visual aids, it can save time, but is also a way to draw attention from audience. There are other types of presentations that we view that grab our attention due to the attractive colors they display in the display. These are presentations that have efficient visual elements that keep viewers interested, like attractive images, captivating music, and other related videos.

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