How to Folder Lock for Android? -

How to Folder Lock for Android? -

Oct 4, 2021, 8:26:17 AM Business

Folder lock on Android is a powerful application that lets you password-protect any type of folder on your personal Android device. With this APK for folders it is possible to protect your videos, photos, and apps, and ensure that you're the only person with access to these files. In addition, this application allows you to secure the most sensitive data including vocal notes, financial documents and anything else you store within the Android device. There are three types of security methods you can select from which are the password, PIN or even an unlock pattern. enter office product key

Lock Photos and Videos

It's no secret that photos and videos are a source of pleasure that you'll be unable to resist storing in your Android. They allow you to create memories so that you can relive the moments you had a few years afterward. However, you'll be able to achieve this if your images and videos are secure and sound. If you lose images and videos in the hands of incorrect people, you could not be able to retrieve them back. But, a folder lock for Android can help you safeguard your images and videos effortlessly. With this APK for folder locks ensures that your videos and photos will be secure and safe all the time.

Lock Apps

A Folder lock on Android allows you to secure all of your apps without anxiety or doubt. This will permit you to protect the full security on the Android device. This will give you security. You can lock all your applications easily, such as Gallery, WhatsApp, Messages and numerous others. This app can quickly secure and protect your private information.

Secure Wallets

The app allows users to create and utilize wallets that protect your personal information, like information about your bank account such as credit card details and account numbers, transaction details and other. You can make as many of wallets depending on what you need with these wallets. Additionally, you can secure your other private information, such as credit card details as well as ATM pin.

Cloud Backup

Folder lock APK can also enable you to make an archive of all your personal data to retrieve them whenever you require they. It's important as there may come a point where you'll need to access something you have previously stored, whether it's a file or photo, document or even a video however, you are unable to access it even if you've lost the data. Thus, creating and maintaining the backup to your files is an reliable option for you.

Needles to mention, the folder lock app for Android is a fascinating and reliable security program to install on the Android device. With it. You can protect and safeguard your most sensitive information from prying eyes. find office product key


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