How to Secure Your Twitter Account and Sensitive Data with Webroot?

How to Secure Your Twitter Account and Sensitive Data with Webroot?

Jul 13, 2021, 7:24:25 AM Business

Twitter is the social media platform which brings all people at one place so that they can communicate with each other. Hence, Webroot team gives tips to protect your Twitter account. To install Webroot in your device, you should visit to the site of Webroot via find the downloading with free key code here.

Way To Protect Your Twitter Account and Sensitive Data:

  • Change your Password on Twitter:

You should keep a long and strong password for your Twitter account security. It is advised you should have a unique password for each service. You can use Webroot password manager for creating a complex password via www webroot com safe. If you want to set up a new password, then you should open Account and then select Password.

If you want to prevent hackers from changing your Twitter password then you should first change the password. You should setup Twitter to request additional information such as phone number or e-mail address. To change password, just under Account you should go to Security and then check the Password reset protect box.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter:

It is highly recommended that you should enable two-factor authentication. If in case, hackers manage to get your password, then they cannot be able to log in to your Twitter account. To log in, you require a one-time code, which is sent to you by the social network. If you want to enable two-factor authentication, just under Security you should select Two-factor authentication.

  • Hide your Tweets from Strangers:

As you all know that everyone can see your tweets, if incase they do not have a Twitter account. Keep in mind those who are the users of the social media can retweet your posts. If you do not want to share your personal information on Twitter then you should make your tweets visible only to approved readers. This prevents strangers from seeing your posts, and nobody will retweet anything you share.

If you want to hide your tweets, then you should go to Privacy and safety and then just enable Protect your Tweets. Only your followers can be able to read your tweets.

  • Block Someone on Twitter:

If incase, you do not want anybody to read your posts or write to you, then you can block them. For this, you should click on the arrow which is in the upper right side of any tweet and then select Block @name. Then the person will not be able to view your posts, or message you.

  • Stop People from Tagging you in Photos on Twitter:

As you know anybody can tag you in photos. If you do not want to be tagged in unwanted photos, then you should go to Photo tagging. Here, you should select Only people you follow can tag you or you can disable this option by selecting Off.

For more protection of your Twitter account, you should install Webroot antivirus in your device via find the installation with free key code here.

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