How to Webroot Scan Engine Work?

How to Webroot Scan Engine Work?

Oct 23, 2021, 7:54:50 AM Business

Webroot antivirus comes with excellent security tools and features that allow you to keep your device and everything safe and secure. Correctly setting up and using an antivirus software scan on the PC is one of the best starting securities to keep the system free of malicious software. Strong security starts with choosing an antivirus solution for the PC and understanding to get most of it. 

You will need to use a virus scan and it will keep you much safe and secure without complete scans and the system might be hiding some unpleasant surprises. Webroot scan engine is a server-side security solution that provides antivirus security, HTTP traffic scanning, as well as file and URL reputation checking for the third parties’ solutions.

Quick guide on Webroot Scan Engine

This scan engine provides excellent protection from Trojans, malware, rootkits, worms, adware, and spyware for a vast range of devices. It might be used with various products and services that include desktop applications, proxy servers, mail gateways, and server solutions.

Webroot scan engine uses all the advanced ways to detect and remove various types of malware which makes it famous across the world.

Webroot Scan Engine Functions

Webroot scan engine is known for its excellent functionality and it can work in one of the two modes that include:

ICAP Server– It scans the HTTP traffic which goes via a proxy server/Web Application Firewall/ NAS/ NextGen Firewall/ any other solutions communicating via INCAP protocol. This integration model also makes it capable to scan the URLs that are requested by the users and web page that has malicious content is then easily filtered out.

Rest-like service– It receives HTTP requests from the customer applications, that scan objects passed in these requests, and sends back HTTP responses with the scan results.

Webroot scan engine also contains a graphical user interface that allows you to configure the product behavior, review its service events, and scan results.

Usage Setups

  • Data security repositories and workflow systems from malware
  • Files scanner is uploaded by the end-users to the web portal of customers. KSE allows the embedding of the uploads scanning process into any segment of the file chain delivery from the end-uses to the customer.
  • The file scanning automated users through ICAP protocol and both the files and the links the users try to access are scanned
  • Easy to deploy the local web service for files and links scanning and objects scanning doesn’t need the presence of customers on the endpoints
  • Integration of any third-party object scanning applications

The functionality of the Webroot scan engine

This award-winning Webroot anti-malware technology provides the best-in-class malware detection rates and can react instantaneously to emerging threats.

  • Webroot Security Network provides information about the file’s reputation and Internet resources, makes sure that Webroot applications react to the threats faster without waiting for an application database update, and lessens the likelihood of the false positives of
  • The additional layer of filtering is made possible by the Format Recognizer component. You can use this component to detect and skip files of a few certain formats while the scanning process. There are dozens of formats that are compatible, that include executable, office, archives, and media files.
  • Webroot scan engine can work in cluster mode and this means that if the client has various instances of the Webroot scan engine, they can use the Web UI of any instance to review the scanning results of any examples, check the stays or the settings for the update.
  • Communication through TLS protocol is compatible when running is REST-like service mode
  • Webroot scan engine is also available as a Linux Docker container and it can be deployed as an individual container, to Docker Swarm, or to Kubernetes or AWS EKS.
  • Comprehensive documentation and cross-platform API support.
  • Source code for HTTP client and ICAP service is provided in the distribution kit for customization

Webroot scan engine is really different and works effectively and one can get in touch with the technical experts at Webroot Customer Care Phone Number. The technical experts have knowledge of Webroot-related errors and issues so they definitely will help you out.

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