Which Microsoft Office Software Is Best For Mac?

Which Microsoft Office Software Is Best For Mac?

Nov 19, 2021, 7:51:16 AM Business

One of the most common questions when you make the switch from Windows to Mac is "What do you use to replace my Windows Office applications?" Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the "Office" apps. office.com/setup

Apple iWork

There are many options when you decide to switch to the Mac. They're all quite good. Apple's Office suite has been renamed iWork. The suite includes Pages, which replaces Word, Numbers, and Keynote which replaces PowerPoint. This is a great choice at a price of less than $100. They also offer free trials so that you can test it out before you commit to buying it.

Microsoft Office for Mac OS X

Another option is to buy Microsoft Office for Mac. The bundle includes Mac versions for Microsoft Office, but it is very costly at approximately $500.

Virtualization Software

Another option is to use "virtualization software" on your Mac. Parallels is an application that installs on your Mac. It creates a virtual machine, then you can install Microsoft Windows and all of your Windows software.

This is similar to the Star Trek holodeck. People are unaware that they are not in the real world when they are in the Holodeck. Windows works in the same way. It doesn't know it isn't running on a "real PC" when it runs in this virtual machine. It is also quite cool to see Windows running in one Mac window while all other Mac applications are running. These options are also much cheaper than purchasing a copy of MS Office.

Microsoft Office for Mac.

Parallels is extremely fast and includes a full screen mode, which allows Windows to use the entire screen. It appears that Parallels is running Windows on your Mac hardware.

Open Office

Open Office, a free piece of software, is another option. Open Office was not a polished environment until recently, so I hesitated to recommend it. However, with recent improvements, it now works more like a native Mac application and has all the functionality of Microsoft Office. This can be a great option for those on a budget due to the "free" price tag.

Other Mac software

A Mac computer system can seem more expensive than a Windows system. However, you will find tons of free software programs like Front Row, GarageBand, iWeb, Front Row, GarageBand, GarageBand, GarageBand, and iMovie that allow you to create cool things like websites, music, and movies. You can also play DVDs from your Mac DVD Player, which is something that you must pay for on many Windows systems. The Time Machine software makes it easy to backup your computer data.

I also own Mac systems and have not used anti-virus software for my Macs in five years.

Although a Mac system might seem more expensive than a Windows system, I think all the free add-ons and the simplicity of connecting a digital camera with a Mac make it a great choice for home computer users. www.office.com/myaccount

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