Rare Ruby Rings with Perfectly Refined Style

Rare Ruby Rings with Perfectly Refined Style

Jan 10, 2022, 10:08:43 AM Life and Styles

While diamonds may be the first gemstone that pops into your mind when thinking of engagement rings for women in Farmington Hills, if you’re the type of bride looking for something that showcases vibrancy, royalty, and sophistication, a ruby may be the right gemstone for you.


Rubies were widely worn by royalty in ancient times and said to represent passion, courage, love, and protection. This vibrant red gemstone not only gives off regal vibes but looks stunning when paired with any metal for an engagement ring.


Reasons to invest in a ruby

The first and best advantage of ruby custom jewelry in Farmington Hills is that this gemstone rates a tough nine on the Mohs scale making it quite durable and resilient for daily wear after a diamond.


This gemstone also gives you a fresh and vibrant appeal as compared to the colorless diamond and with most couples it simply resonates with them. Just consider the fact that while rubies are stunning and regal, they are also quite costly especially if you go in for higher-quality blood red ones.


While rubies come in a range of costs, the higher you go up the ladder the most expensive your gemstone will be. These gemstones are quite versatile and pair well with diamond earrings in Farmington Hills as they are resilient and can easily take on daily wear and tear.


When it comes to settings, most jewelers will advise you to go in for a round, pear, or even an oval cut as it brings out the deep red shade of the gemstone more. You can also set your ruby in platinum, rose gold, or even yellow gold to bring out its warmer hues.


While rubies can be found in a range of shades and hues, it all comes down to your personal preference and what color you resonate with the most. Always pick your gemstone based on what you adore and not just because it looks trendy.

The Takeaway

When it comes to taking care of your ruby, you can give it to your professional jeweler a couple of times a year for cleaning, repair, polishing, and maintenance so that it stays in a good condition for years to come. It’s also good to store your ruby ring safely before your clean, cook, swim, garden, or even head out for any activities to prevent any scratching of your gemstone. 

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