Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

in the perfect world

we’d be lying side by side

in some lavender fields

and talk and talk and talk


about aliens and robots

the future and god

memories and polaroid pictures

poetry and art

and about how we both never quite understood kafka


you’d confess all the things you wish you’d done differently

and that you did cut off some of your sister’s hair while she was sleeping when you were 7

you’d tell me your childhood dreams

and how much you still love having pancakes for breakfast on sundays


you’d crack a silly joke

and giggle and giggle and giggle

and outshine the sun with your smile


we’d lie quietly then

not because we’d run out of things to say

but because being there would be enough

just us, floating on a cloud of bliss


you’d point out the nature around us

but your face beneath the deep blue sky

would be all i’d be looking at


a butterfly would sit on your nose

and we’d laugh until we’d forget how to breathe

feeling light like two feathers

being carried by the breeze


the sun would go down at exactly 6:05

and i’d take your hand and squeeze it tight

and be the happiest i’d ever been

Published by Greta K

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