Artist BIG KIDD uses rap music to create communities

Artist BIG KIDD uses rap music to create communities

Aug 7, 2019, 7:26:02 PM Life and Styles

Rap artist BIG KIDD thinks uses music as a way to build communities. The rapper - that is voice and creator behind the verses - has said on multiple occasions that his material is born as part of an exercise that forces him to exorcize phrases and beliefs.  He transforms emotions into tunes for others to listen and identify with.

This sense of community is also showing by the artist interaction with his fans. To keep the fans posted about the recent happenings and the upcoming projects, the artist maintains a very active presence on the various platforms of social media. This presence on social media platforms helps Big Kidd in staying in touch with his fans and audience at all times. This besides for being a way to allow him to be contacted by potential clients and other artists for some exciting projects, collaborations, and exciting offers as well.

With more than thirty-four thousand followers on Instagram alone, and more than a hundred followers on the influential platform of twitter, the artist's feed ad news updates are communicated effectively. His goal is to keep the audiences, fans, and partners informed at all times. Also, as of today (Monday, August 5, 2019), Big Kidd has around three thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than one thousand followers on Soundcloud. The mentioned stats show how artist popularity is growing. Other than this, the artist also has a Snapchat account and has a well maintained and an updated profile on iTunes and Apple Music as well for the greater convenience of his fans.

The kind of skills and capabilities that the artist holds is appreciated by a broad audience which has resulted in a tremendous increase in his fan-base in a short time. Although Big Kidd does not seem to be affected by the negative opinions of his critics, he feels truly blessed to have received a positive response from even the critics of the industry.

One key factor in his success is the audience identification in his songs. His audience can feel the pain expressed in his songs and can feel the struggles that come across so well that the audience starts relating to them at a whole new level.

BIG KIDD affirms, for now, taking advantage of the unsigned category to build an original style with the purpose of reaching a wider audience margin. Meanwhile, the details of his latest and "best work" are in their final stage of arrangements; during the next months, his fans will be able to listen for the first time the artist's latest album/mixtape, full of sharp metaphors, controversial statements, and catchy rhythms.

The jump to the forefront of BIG KIDD appears to be leaving a significant mark. The lyricist has counted on the presence of his tracks on radio programs like The JJ Kane All New Music Show, multiple reviews regarding his carrier and material on platforms like Wreck My Brainor Digital Dopethat follow the latest urban trends and even interviews for big names in alternative media such as Sound & Track Magazine.

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