Optimize Your Online Presence with Web Analytics

Optimize Your Online Presence with Web Analytics

Aug 31, 2019, 1:03:55 AM Tech and Science

Every marketing strategy is focused on a functional, good website that attracts visitors and leads them down the conversion tunnel. To be able to optimize your site you need to know as many things as possible about your audience and this is when website analytics tools enter the scene. How you use the raw data from your analytics software can make or break your marketing efforts, because it's easy to lose yourself among all the information.

Watch the bounce rate

One of the most important indicator of a web analytics tool is the bounce rate, which shows you how fast people skip a website. When the bounce rate is high, you are losing potential customers, so you need to update the pages with high bounce rate and make sure they have efficient call to action buttons to make visitors spend more time on your site.

Use analytics to learn what type of content gets the most likes

High-quality analytics is able to show the pages with the best content, so you can create similar content in the future. Look for the pages with the most traffic and conversions, then try to identify what exactly attracts your customers to those pages. Once you know, it is easy to replicate the content and create more sticky pages to increase the conversion rate.

Study the flow of a visit

To be able to know what content is the most attractive for your clients you can study the analytics to see the exact route of a visit on your site. By this way you can learn which pages are the first and  the last people visit and which elements from each page they visit get the most attention. Optimizing the most popular pages is going to increase your ROI.

Find new markets for your products and services

An analytics program is very helpful for finding new potential markets for your products and services. If you are now local, you can analyze the data to find out which parts of the country bring you the most revenue, so you can focus your efforts on them. You can also view the date divided between countries when you operate globally, so you know where you need to make adjustments to improve your ROI.

Optimize the investments

Depending on the data from analytics you can decide how to invest your money in the future. Knowing which parts of your business attract the most clients is very important when you have to decide on what to focus on the next marketing campaign.

Study the data from analytics with an open mind, to make sure you don't focus too much on the little things, losing the bigger picture. The great thing about website analytics is that it offers a complete, complex picture of your site's performance, which you can then use to find out what your audience wants, so you can provide to them the perfect product.

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