What Is Influencer Marketing and How to Build Your Next Strategy

What Is Influencer Marketing and How to Build Your Next Strategy

Oct 19, 2021, 11:07:58 AM Business

Unless you've been living under the rocks, you must be familiar with the concept of one of the most effective marketing strategies today - Influencer Marketing. IM is a marketing technique that uses influencers, or social media figures, to promote a brand's message to a larger section of the audience. Earlier, brands used celebrities or prominent faces to communicate to people. However, with the coming of influencers, brands now have an opportunity to get in touch with people in real-time.

With Influencer advertising, brands can use influencers to put in a good word among the people. And as Influencer Marketing includes influencers who are popular among the people, it becomes easier for the audience to connect with. Let us see in detail what Influencer Marketing brings to the table, the platforms you should target, the benefit it brings for your brand, and how to devise a perfect influencer marketing strategy. So, what is influencer marketing? Let’s find out.

Influencers and their types

An influencer can be defined as a person or entity who has built a loyal audience through social media engagements, blogs, or other modes and can influence the audience via content creation. Depending upon the size of the audience and their loyalty, influencers can be classified into Mega (celebrities), Macro, Micro and Nano influencers. Each of these categories of influencers has a respective audience set to which they cater. Brands today are using all of the types of influencers to market their products and services. They are using a mix of mega, macro, micro and nano influencers to capture the audience's hearts. With influencer marketing strategy, brands can spread their word out to the audience via a credible source, aka influencers. 

What does Influencer Marketing include?

The scope of influencer marketing is limitless. It can include creative product placements, product reviews, brand campaigns, collaborations or social media engagements. Influencers involved in influencer marketing can also collaborate with other influencers in unique engagement campaigns that are aimed to garner engagement and ultimately loyalty among the audience.

What is Influencer Marketing bringing to the table?

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing business strategies in the digital marketing sector. It brings authentic recommendations for the people to which they can relate. Using influencers can fill the need for brands to be able to share their products or services without the cover of brand marketing. In addition, influencer networks bring a sea of opportunities for the content too. The creative content that influencers generate leads to a plethora of organic content directed towards your brands. Thus, Influencer Marketing resonates greatly with the shifting audience who are heavily invested in contemporary content. 

Another important benefit of Influencer Marketing is that it is trackable. Brands can check the progress of their Influencer Marketing campaigns in real-time and change it if they think the concept or influencer campaign can be improved in some manner.

How to build your Influencer Marketing strategy?

Strategizing an Influencer Marketing campaign needs brainstorming, proper planning and execution. First of all, as a brand, you need to target the platform that most of your audience are on. That could vary between Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, depending on your audience. Following that, you have to choose the influencers who resonate most with your brands and can thus convey your brand ideals in the most authentic way. However, the most important thing is to decide the kind of outcome that you're expecting from your influencer marketing strategy. As a brand, you need to set a goal for your campaign. Once you have that established, you'll have an idea of the type of content you want. Many social media influencers including instagram influencers create their own content. However, if you want, you can send them your own content, and they can work on your strategy. This also leaves an option for you to ask influencers if you can repurpose their content for emails, newsletters or social media posts.

As bigger brands jump on the bandwagon, influencer marketing becomes more effective. Influencer marketing helps your brand stay relevant and capture the audience in a way that celebrities alone could never do. It grounds your brand promotion and takes the best elements of word-to-word promotion to combine them with the stardom of celebrities. It also brings a relevant and authentic touch for the brands in this era of short content consumption and rapidly changing marketing demographics.

As a brand, you must be sure to know what you want from your influencer marketing strategy. Hence, you need to strategize and make the optimal use of your campaigns to garner engagement.

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