A Comprehensive Guide On Technical SEO

four factors to improve technical SEO

A Comprehensive Guide On Technical SEO

Your website needs to be optimized to target a huge audience. If you fail to optimize your web application, you may not get all the benefits that a website provides to website owners. Optimization of a website is possible in many ways. One of the ways is the on-page SEO, and the other is Off-page SEO. The names of both types exhibit the working of these two types.

On-page SEO deals with improving the content of a website visible to the user. Improvement of the content, the objects, the arrangement of the elements and the relevancy of content counts as a good on-page SEO. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is about not visible factors to a web user. It is associated with the backlinks and guest postings. Another SEO type that also plays a key role in optimizing a website is technical SEO. It is the improvement of the websites technical elements and ensuring that they are according to the search engine requirements.

We will study technical SEO deeply in this article, along with its important aspects.

Top 4 factors to improve technical SEO

Many SEO experts think that technical SEO is not as important as the other two types, but it is also important in optimizing a web page. It deals with the operations that help the search engines to crawl through your website and then index them.

Below are a few factors that can help you in improving the technical aspect of your website SEO.

1. Mobile optimized websites

Search engines look for websites that are mobile-optimized along with the content relevancy and number of backlinks. Most of the users use web applications on their phones, and if your web application is not mobile-friendly, then your web application will not be ranked on top of the searched pages despite having better on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

2. High loading speed

One of the technicalities that technical SEO deals with is the page loading speed. For improving this type of SEO, your page must not take more than half-second to load. Page optimization is difficult if your page is taking too long to load, and your user will not wait that long for the page to load; they usually switch to other options.

Web application developers take great care of this factor while developing the web application by avoiding aspects that can reduce the page loading speed. Hiring SEO services in Dubai will help you develop optimized content and strategies to increase page loading speed.

3. A secure socket layer

Most of the web applications do not use a secure socket layer. They use HTTP protocol, and web crawlers and bots look for these aspects too while indexing the web page. It is important to use the HTTPS protocol to improve web page security and ranking.

4. No broken links or 404 pages

That website or the web pages with too many broken links or 404 error pages have fewer chances of ranking on top of the search result page. Having one 404 page is acceptable, but if your user gets the 404 error page every time they navigate from one page to another, they will switch to another option or website.

Why site structure and website navigation are important?

Crawling of the search engine bots is dependent upon your site structure. Having complex navigation of your web application will reduce the chances of improved page ranking. It is important to build your links so that it will make the user navigate from one page to another.

For example, when you open a web application, you are directed to the homepage, the root page. From the root page, you can navigate to other pages; this way, you direct the web application user to cover all your website by defining a page hierarchy while making internal links. Hire an SEO services company in Dubai to overview your website structure and develop a better strategy to improve your technical SEO.

What is a Robot.txt file?

It is a Txt file of a web application that is a guideline for the web crawlers of bots directing them where to navigate next. This file also defines the webpages that the web crawlers should not visit or navigate.

When a user makes a request or searches for content, the search boats use this file to navigate from one page to another, gathering the content relevant to the users' search. When the bots find the relevant data by navigating all the pages, they display the user's content.

When should you pay attention to technical SEO?

For improving your page ranking, it is important to look for the technicalities of your web application. If you wish to rank your web application to rank on top of the searched results, technical SEO plays a key role in achieving this goal. Consider all the necessary technical SEO factors in the initial stage of web application development so that things are not difficult to manage later.

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