How To Overcome A Traumatic Water Experience?

How To Overcome A Traumatic Water Experience

How To Overcome A Traumatic Water Experience?

Water often makes us feel uneasy, and most of us realize we have water phobia once we place our feet in the water. This traumatic experience will never allow you to learn to swim or enjoy the water fun as your other partners. A series of unexpected accidents and mishaps start running through your mind when you stand on the waterside. Do you want to overcome this traumatic water experience? You are at the right place! This post will walk you through a few effective tips to help you dive deep into the water, just like your co-partners. Keep reading to know more!

Tips to Over Water Trauma:

Overcoming the traumatic water experience is never unless you make your mind and go with a determined heart. The tips you are about to learn will only help you if you want them to help you. If you panic, standing and watching the water, no one and nothing can ever help you. It would be best to pull up your sleeves and follow the following tips to overcome the swimming fear.

1. Gradually get deeper:

As soon you place your first step in the water, half the job is done. You have done a great job if you are standing in the pool. The next thing you should keep in your mind is don't copy others. Try to gradually get deeper into the water to avoid any disturbing thoughts. You will realize the water is too friendly, and your fear was for nothing.

The moment you start feeling comfortable in the pool, it's time to join your partners. Keep walking to the depth and control your nerves. The experience is not that scary, and you will end up loving it!

2. Splash waters:

As long as you reach the middle, don't dip your head into the water, as it can pull you back to the red zone. Splash your face and head with the water as if you are washing it. Don't you think doing so will help you befriend the water? The more you splash, the easier it will become to have fun.

While splashing your face and eyes, gather a bunch of positive thoughts and fun games in your mind. Think of all the fun activities you are about to enjoy with your friends once you are OK in the waters.

3. Wear long sleeves shirt:

One might be thinking about what the use of wearing a long-sleeved shirt is. Well, it is only understandable if you have a water phobia. It provides comfort and a steadiness feeling as you walk waist-deep and then chest-deep in the water. You may suddenly get panic if the water hits your chest or arms in a rush.

Wearing a full shirt has been proved to be useful in many cases. The comfort you get while getting into the deeper waters is unmatchable, and you are better off overcoming the water trauma and swimming fear.

4. Sing a song:

Have you ever tried to relax your nerves by singing a song? If not, you should give it a try, and being in the middle of the water is the best place for it. Singing a song in the waters will help you imagine that the water is holding you up. A song or music speaks to a part of your brain and can immensely reduce your fear.

Singing a song will boost your confidence as you get familiar with the water. Being in the water with your friends will give you a feel of steadiness that you can do it. Think about the water holding you up and sing a song to live the moment.

5. Try swimming with dolphins:

Have you ever seen the friendly gestures of swimming in the water? If not, you should give it a look. You will realize that these human-friendly mammals are no less than a loving companion in the water. If you are keen to encounter these amazing water creatures to throw your fear out of the window, try swimming with dolphins Dubai on your next trip.

Swimming reluctant people often look for motivations to jump into the water and have fun with their friends, but they fail mostly. One splendid feature that could drag them into the water is having a few moments with dolphins in the water.

6. Swim with experts:

You always need someone supporting you on your side to keep you motivated and up for the task. Who but swimming experts can help your cause? Try to jump into the water with them on your side, as it will keep you composed.

The traumatic feelings can immensely be reduced should you go in with professionals. They will teach you how to start and what to do in the middle. Moreover, they can also give you motivation not to feel lesser than others.

Throw out your swimming fears with dolphins!

Dolphins are funny human-friendly creatures who can make your moments worth it. Their acrobatic gestures and vocal cords will relax your nerves. You will forget you had a water phobia once you start interacting with them!


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