5 Tips to win and get eliminations in Bloodhunt

5 Tips to win and get eliminations in Bloodhunt

Oct 7, 2021, 1:52:49 PM Entertainment

Like every other battle royale game, bloodhunt is at its prime right now and everyone is playing the game as it has many different and unique features compared to other battle royale games. There has not been any battle royale game where you could use powers and other power-related stuff. Once you start playing this game you will get addicted and will probably switch from your main game to this. It’s very addicting, people spend hours playing this game just to get more experience and unlock new stuff. However, if you’re a beginner and tired of losing, you should use these amazing tips to win and get easy eliminations. We will also be talking about some Bloodhunt hacks and cheats provided by lavicheats which you can use and get even more eliminations and easy wins. You’ll have a various number of abilities to use and passive powers all around the map. The map of this game is also huge for a battle royale game which makes it even more fun to explore and play.

This game is all about Masquerade vampire universe where you can use your powers and other stuff in the game. It may take you around a few hours to learn the game but, once you get the hang of it, you won’t stop playing this game until and unless you get tilted or rage quit. Getting tilted isn’t a thing in this game because the queue times are very fast and you can find a game in less than 2-3 minutes so, getting back in the game won’t take long like other games such as Apex Legends, Warzone, Fortnite, etc.

If you’re tired of losing and are finding the game difficult in certain areas then you should use these Bloodhunt hacks provided by lavicheats. These hacks are very popular right now as everyone is using them to get easy wins. You really won’t have to do anything once you’ve installed the hacks. The computerized aimbot will be aiming for meaning you will only have to press the fire button that’s it and move around. Bloodhunt having a large map means that it will be very difficult for you to find your opponent and for that, lavicheats is also providing wallhacks for this game too. You will be able to locate your opponents from miles away allowing you to be a step ahead of them. By using this hack, you can be prepared whenever your opponent is rushing you or flanking you from the backside. Your opponents won’t stand a chance against you if you’re using both of these incredible hacks. The wallhack will give you the enemy’s distance, enemy’s name, skeleton mesh tracing of your opponent, etc. This game’s goal is to take out all your opponents and with these hacks, you will take them out in no time inflating your KDA and your win count.

If you’re a beginner, you should use these tips if you want to get better and win at this game:

1. Use all classes

Different characters in this game have unique abilities and powers. Before getting into an actual game, you should try playing with each character just to see who you like. Experimenting with every class is very important because going into the game without knowing what your character can do will put you at a disadvantage. So, try playing with every class before you go into the game and see which character fits you the best.

2. Learn a specific area of the map

Due to the map being so big, it will be very hard to master every area of the map due to so many alleyways and buildings to discover. This is why you should stick to one area of the map. High-tier loot drops are also random so, you don’t have to worry about not getting any high-tier loot. You can and you will get it on your area of the map.

3. Heightened senses

By pressing X, you will activate your heightened senses which highlights stuff like ammo, loot piles, weapons, and NPCs to feed on. Feeding on NPCs is important if you want to regain health so try to use this ability every few seconds as it resets every few seconds. This will also highlight your opponent if they are in front of you.

4. Use buildings for your advantage

Being stuck on the ground when an enemy is shooting you from the rooftop can be very bad for you. What you can do is climb buildings yourself so you don’t get stuck in that position ever. It will also be easy for you to spot enemies using heightened senses from a rooftop.

5. Learn every gun

Before jumping into an actual game, you should also learn every gun in the game so, when you get them in the game, you know when to use them. There are different guns for different situations so, it’s important to know what every gun is capable of.

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