Introduction to Me

Introduction to Me

Hey there! My name is Hailey, nice to meet you all. I thought for my first post on this website I would tell you all a little about me. I love to write and I have a tendency to put forth a lot of passion into anything I do. I had never really considered writing in a blog until I realized it was everything I love to do all in one place! Writing, talking to others, and discussing all things relating to beauty, lifestyle and travel. I have always watched beauty/lifestyle videos on Youtube and loved reading about such things as well. I was really inspired by Zoella truth be told. Now, having my own platform to discuss things I love in the way that I want to, couldn’t be more amazing.

Aside from writing, I also love to read and I have an affinity for travel, this world is so big and beautiful I can’t help but want to explore all of it’s hidden treasures. I also love country music (Luke Bryan is my fave!), spending time with my friends and family, camping, The Walking Dead, Friends, anything to do with fall, playing my guitar, and puppies (my heart is set on a black pug!). I love to learn and am currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts and Humanities. Hopefully you’ll enjoy learning even more about me through my blog posts.


Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Hailey


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