Growth of Translation Industry in China

Growth of Translation Industry in China

Growth of Translation Industry in China

Nov 29, 2021, 5:42:23 AM Business

The world has become globalized. Therefore, it becomes very easy for companies to expand their operations in foreign countries. At present China's economy is flourishing with leaps and bounds so global companies want to do business with China. You can do business in any foreign land easily if you communicate with them in their mother tongue. Therefore, for tapping into the Chinese market, you must go for Chinese Translation services

Translation Industry in China

Chinese people speak the Mandarin language. Do you know that in a short period Chinese translation company have become an imperative part of international business? It is because Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Hence to finalize your business deal with Chinese people, you must take the assistance of translation services. It is the same as if you want to do business with Arab countries then you must go for Arabic Translation services. in the native language help to increase sales tremendously. Moreover, it helps to run business smoothly in a foreign land.

Chinese Translation Market

· China is the most populous country in the world. Therefore it has a pool of talented human resources. The companies that want to operate in China know that a number of Chinese people are not able to communicate in the English language. Hence Chinese authorities start focusing on translation services.

· The Chinese translation industries that are operating in China are helping multiple foreign companies to expand their customer base by providing them seamless translation services in more than 200 languages.

· There are many dialects spoken in China so you should hire a Professional Translation company that employs native translators. The benefit of native translators is that they are born and bred in the same environment so there are aware of the dialects,

· There is a great demand for Chinese translation services in all important fields like business, finance, and technical because there is a considerable linguistic difference between Chinese and other business languages.

China is Rising in Linguistics

There was a time when the United States and Europe were witnessing a decline in language studies. However, at that time China was rising in linguistics. Several students in China are enrolling themselves as translation students. At present, 226 universities are working in China that are offering undergraduate degrees to the students. If we assume that 15 students graduate from linguistic programs then there will be 4,500 new Chinese translators available in the industry. Many graduate programs are affiliated with other universities that are covering different fields and many are associated with universities that focus on language studies in their special field. 

As compared to China, In America and Europe translation is considered an autonomous field. For example in China, the university that is offering a course in Mining and technology works closely with language service providers so that students can get a real-time learning experience in their specialized field. These graduates appear as a translator that is subject matter expert of their fields. According to TAC, there are currently 3000 translation companies operating in China. There is a probability that this number can be 10,000 because many small companies that are providing translation services are registered as consultant agencies. Do you know that a competent Mandarin translator in China can get a handsome salary of up to £28,168 annually?

Growth of Translation Industry in China

The growth and development of the translation industry in China are heading in a different direction than in the West. Western institutions are of the view that language professionals should translate in their mother language. However, the growing trend of localization in China and little knowledge of Chinese languages in foreign markets demand that fewer translators can provide translation from Chinese to Russian, German, and French. Moreover, some fewer translators can provide professional Arabic Translation services or translation services in major languages at an affordable price that foreign entrepreneurs are willing to pay. Therefore in Chinese students are learning to translate the content in a second or third language and they send translations for proofreading to avoid any errors.  

Wrapping Up

Many professional translation companies are working in China that aim to provide you with seamless translation services. So do not hesitate to grab lucrative opportunities, take professional assistance and break the communication barriers.

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