5 Helpful Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

5 Helpful Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Over the last 23 years of my life, I have picked up a few so-called “life hacks” that have helped me make the best out of annoying and trivial situations. Some of these I’ve discovered completely on my own and some I’ve learned from others. Either way, I’ve found that it’s helpful to share these tips and tricks with others! Why not share hidden gems you’ve picked up to make your life easier with those you love?

The Power of Paper Clips, Safety Pins, and Binder Clips

There have been many situations (especially when it comes to clothing) where paper clips, safety pins, and binder clips have saved me for the time being! Safety pins are great for hiding holes or seam gaps in clothing that you notice last-minute! I know it’s not ideal to leave the house with these sorts of things, but safety pins can prevent potential wardrobe malfunctions for the day. One time at work, one of the straps on my favorite sling-back heels snapped, leaving me limping around the office. I was able to create a makeshift solution by bending a paperclip to temporarily fix the strap for the day. Even though paperclip decorated shoes aren’t in style, no one even noticed what had happened and I was able to walk normally for the rest of the day. Last but not least, binder clips can help hold things together that need more than just a safety pin or paper clip. My boyfriend has a pair of pants he wears to they gym that are supposed to zip up around the ankles. One day the zipper broke, causing the pant legs to get in the way when he would run on the treadmill. Luckily, I had a spare binder clip in my pencil pouch! We were able to clip to two bottom pieces together and continue our workout. Even though these solutions aren’t ideal, they’re great for simple solutions. Plus, you’ll feel like a modern-day MacGyver!


Olive Oil Can Be Used for More than Just Cooking

You know when you’re wrapping a gift for someone and you try to remove the price tag sticker of the object itself? It tends to leave that super annoying sticky residue behind! Most people try to scratch it off or taking a sponge to it. Well believe it or not, you can take a paper towel and a very small amount of olive oil to remove the excess stickiness! I can’t remember where I learned this trick from, but I can tell you that it has worked for me. I got my friend a wallet for her birthday one time, and the price tag sticker was stuck on the clear plastic area where someone would put their I.D. Luckily the olive oil worked perfectly and left no indication that there was ever a sticker even there! The trick here is to make sure that you don’t use too much oil! If you do, not only will it smell like olive oil, but it could also ruin the fabric of the gift.


Keep Track with a Planner of Some Sort

Even after college, I continue to keep a planner on me to help me keep track of due dates! I mainly use it for my blog topic schedule, assignment due dates for my certificate program, and important appointments I have. I also use my basic notes app on my phone for things such as verification codes, appointment details, and account passwords. I’ve heard third party apps such as Evernote are also great for staying organized. Whether a physical or digital planner works best for you, I highly suggest you use one of some sort. I also color code my entries with different color highlighters. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it has helped me not only stay on track, but also get through college with a decent GPA!


Make Certain Items a Part of Your Daily Travels

This tends to be easier for women than men, simply because we carry a purse on us at all times. Men can also do this with a backpack or by keeping certain things in their cars. I try to have certain things on me at all times: my phone, my wallet, my keys, a pack of gum, chapstick, a mini brush, and a hair band. For me these are more essential items, but these items can differ from person to person. I’ve found whether it’s me that needs one of these items or someone that I’m with, it can really help you get through those day-to-day tasks.


Set “Backup” Alarms

I’m a really deep sleeper! Seriously, I can probably sleep through a fire or earthquake if someone doesn’t physically wake me up. That’s why I set up to four alarms every morning (spaced 15 minutes apart) to wake up for work. You probably don’t have to be that extreme, but it never hurts to have a backup alarm set just in case. Even if you have the snooze button enabled, sometimes you accidentally turn it off due to your half-asleep state.


I hope these tips help you conquer the tedious things that pop up in everyday life! They’ve helped me with quick fixes to ordinary problems, which in turn help me continue on with my day.


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