Getting Back on the Diet Horse

Getting Back on the Diet Horse

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Disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe the way I’ve been feeling lately. Last December I decided I was going to eat healthy and exercise until I hit my goal of 115 pounds. This goal would require me to lose a total of 25 pounds. Even though I still haven’t reached my goal, guess how close I got?  I got down to 118.7 pounds, which meant that I lost an overall total of 21.3 pounds overall! I only had 3.7 to go until I totally blew it. The first time I mega-cheated was during the week of my college graduation. Then it was Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, multiple family birthdays, 4th of July, and of course the weekly Taco Tuesday (which might as well be a legal holiday in San Diego). I started ballooning up again in no time, because, “Hey it’s summer and I totally deserve this.” The problem with someone like me is that I cannot think like that, or it will lead me down a rabbit hole of poor eating habits.


The Initial Phase of Getting Back on Track

The first couple days are the hardest of getting back on track. Not only are you starving, but you start to crave salt like no other. I can handle sugar withdrawals since the magic world of artificial sweeteners is easy to access, but nothing can replace salt. Sometimes if I can find a food either with cheese or a little bit of spice, I can mask the absence of beautiful, beautiful salt. This is one reason why I love protein-style burgers from In-N-Out (which I mentioned in this blog post from a month ago).


I’ve Learned to Avoid “Snackable” Food

For the people with self-control, I commend you. I, on the other hand, cannot just have one handful of almonds or chips. If you leave me with a bag Tostitos for 10 minutes, you will never see that bag again. "Snackable" food never fills me up, and it always leaves me wanting more. Also, when you look at crackers and chips, many times they are accompanied by either a spread or dip of some sort. This is how those evil little calories sneak up behind you.


I Re-Read My Own Advice

My second blog post ever gave tips on how to stay motivated with your dieting goals. Even though these tricks totally work (I promise), I started to completely ignore them. I literally had to go back and re-read my own advice for it to hit home again. If you need a refresher on those tips, you can read here. Just remember, you have to be open to change before you can change your current situation.


I Purposely Avoided the Loose Clothing in My Closet

I love loose sweaters! They’re my favorite part of the fall and winter season. Even though they’re cute, they’re also bad due to their coziness and comfortability. Loose clothing allows you to eat more and easily hide your weight problems. Instead of buying new clothes in bigger sizes, keep wearing your old tight clothes to remind you that it’s time to go back on that diet. It’s cheaper and lets you face the music in a more subtle way. I am currently in this situation, and I’m hoping that I’m stopping this current trend of eating before it becomes a larger problem. No pun intended.


If you recently fell of the wagon with your diet, please don’t feel bad! You are definitely not alone. Hopefully this post will help spark some inspiration!


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What’s your least favorite part of dieting?


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