Reasons Why I Love Twitter Chats

Reasons Why I Love Twitter Chats

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What if I told you that there are online communities full of people that will answer your questions in 140 characters or less? Also what if I told you that you can stay in your pajamas and eat Chipotle at the same time? Well these places are called Twitter chats and I have recently developed a passion for them. Not only can you connect and communicate with other experts in your field, but you can also get valuable feedback on questions you’ve always had. Let me break down some of the benefits in more detail!


The Sense of Community

Some of the Twitter chats I have attended have led me to believe that I have a whole new friend group. Even though I’ve never actually met these people, I feel a burst of excitement run through my brain when I see their usernames pop up during chats. Whether they retweet your tweets or provide great replies to your questions, you appreciate what they bring to the digital table. I can be a shy/awkward person in real life, so sometimes networking events don’t go the way I hope they will. In these Twitter chats I feel like my opinion matters and that others can learn from what I have learned.

For this post's featured image I am pictured with my #brandchat BRANDido hat. Each week, a user is officially deemed as a BRANDido for contributing the most. A couple of weeks ago I won the hat on behalf of our work handle and it made my day!


Honest Answers from Honest People

Another great thing about Twitter chats is that other participants are polite, but honest at the same time. Since the other participants don’t actually know you, there isn’t any pressure to come to one consensus. There have been a couple times where someone might slightly disagree with me on a topic, but they explain why and provide wonderfully unique insights. In the modern age of social media, people don’t hoard their industry knowledge (as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts). I have learned about so many platforms, 3rd party apps and best practices from others in these chats. I tend to participate in chats about blogging, content writing and marketing, but there are chats out there for almost anything.


Being Able to Track Answers Through Hashtags

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat I should explain how it works. Each tweet you compose will include a hashtag of the chat you are participating in. Most chats will have a series of questions that are listed as Q1:, Q2: and so on. You would answer by starting off your tweet with A1:, A2: and so on. If you have to answer one question in multiple tweets you follow the A1: with an a), b), c) and so on. Here is an example of one of my tweets from #BlogChat:

screenshot of blogchat tweet

Since Twitter chats can be kind of overwhelming to monitor using Twitter, I suggest using a 3rd party app to track hashtags. I like TweetChat and Nurph the best! The Twitter chats I love attending are #BlogChat, #BizHeroes (which I got to guest-host at work back on August 2nd under @MioDatos), #ContentChat, #ContentWritingChat, and #BrandChat.


Showing Appreciation Through Replies and Retweets

The best way you can show that you appreciate someone’s advice or input is by liking, replying to or retweeting their tweets! Liking is the easiest way to do this, but replying and retweeting show that you went the extra mile to consider what the other user has said. When someone retweets one of my tweets to their followers, I feel like a celebrity. That probably sounds kind of dumb out loud, but you feel like people care about what you have to say and it’s a wonderful feeling.


Learning New Things

The whole point of these Twitter chats is to learn new things! These communities of Twitter users are happy to share and are willing to listen. My one piece of advice? Don’t be selfish! Ask questions but also answer questions. Make sure you like, reply, and retweet when it feels right and follow users that you really connected with!


I hope this article helps you explore Twitter! If you’d like to follow/chat me up on Twitter, my username is @itsmeHaley_D


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twitter chat info


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