Little Things Have Great Wisdom

Little Things Have Great Wisdom

Oct 14, 2021, 2:50:56 PM Creative

It's raining slowly. The fallen leaves and those still attached to the vines have the same amount of snowstorm on their exposed faces. Yes, a blessing to a new plant that quenches the drought thirst of the week. He seemed to be suffering when he wanted to be free from pain, pain, and everything. As you can see how the world is changing, people relate to each other, and the material becomes a status symbol rather than a pure intention or innocent longing for a peaceful and happy life.

The little things around you are great, such as when given enough time to be recognized, valued, and cherished. Like roadside flowers, it's simple but magical because it evokes a good feeling for those who appreciate them.

Some people are learning to look beyond their mundane, as the coronavirus is causing havoc in every corner of our shared fragile horror. Some are simplified and do not give a glimpse of the material wealth they cling to. Because, most importantly, oxygen to breathe, water to drink, food to fill the stomach ... and, of course, love that connects people. Towards the desired goal: happiness, satisfaction.

If something made us aware of this pandemic, it's the importance of the moment. now. Not the past, not the future ... this moment we are still breathing, moving, and caring for our loved ones.

Yes, still feel the cold morning air and enjoy the moment when you can hear the birds singing on the nearby branches. It smells of flowers in your garden, even the last leaves are about to fall. Look at the beauty of the faces and hearts of our loved ones. And many more small things that are essential for a happy and satisfying life.

Nothing material can protect you from the coronavirus. No one can save you if you put them in the system, but only your faith in the Almighty can make you endure all these things. Because our last trip is not here, but the only place where everything is good, comfortable and kind.

Let us all be witnesses of the joy of his grace, strangers of the earth. Take good care of your life, love it, learn it, and live to the fullest. Don't underestimate the little things around you, as they have their own purpose. Even humble herbs benefit swollen feet after a hard day's work. A gust is a stress-relieving natural caress in the midst of the daily saws we had to face.

Yes, despite the dry land where wildflowers grew, there is always beauty when you see them bloom. A new shot of the plant from the crevice that shows power such as determination and patience. If you are willing to survive, there are ways to prosper. Like a lotus flower in the middle of cloudy water, its beauty is amazing in the moonlight. Another day has come, and the dew shines in the morning kissing them as a sign of hope ... another chance to sustain life despite the odds.

If you want to give up, look around and see the magic. There is no one you can trust in the little things. It's like Imperata cylindrica, but it dances in the wind and rain. For those who have been wasting the opportunity to be happy without seeing the beauty of a simple life. Yes, life enjoys the beauty of the simple things that surround us. Thank the humble caterpillars that turn into magnificent butterflies and see how it makes you smile. Regain your inner power after what life has given you. You need to survive now and prosper later. Because there is time for everything. Your plan is worth the wait. be patient.

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Written by hammad asgar

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