Utilizing Technology in Geriatric Rehabilitation Programs

Utilizing Technology in Geriatric Rehabilitation Programs

"You got a strike, Bob!" shouted Lindsay. "Way to go!" High fives and cheers were seen and heard throughout. Bob had been working so hard on his bowling score and he was so proud that he finally got a strike. Bob's focus was on bowling. Lindsay, his physical therapist had a different goal in mind. Her goal was Bob's balance, endurance, and coordination. And, Bob and Lindsay were not in the neighborhood bowling lanes. Bob and Lindsay were in the rehab gym at a local Long Term Care and Sub-Acute Rehab facility in Marietta. The Nintendo Wii, controlled by the user's movements, is now being used to help patients recover after surgeries, falls, strokes and more. And, through the use of modern technology, Bob and Lindsay were using the Nintendo Wii system to bowl, and, at the same time, improve Bob's balance, endurance, and physical coordination.

Through the use of modern technology, residents are now able to work on their rehabilitation goals while "playing" video games. The Nintendo Wii system has allowed physical, occupational, and speech therapists the ability to incorporate modern technology into therapy programs. Residents who were used to hitting the links on a weekly basis or meeting their friends monthly for bowling league are now able to continue their beloved pastime all while working on their rehabilitation goals.

In addition to the Wii system, the computer and internet have become valuable tools in rehabilitation programs. Residents utilize the computer and internet to access cognitive programs, current events, as well as topics of interest. The internet allows residents to work on rehabilitation goals targeting their cognitive, language, and fine motor skills to reach their maximum potential while they enjoy learning and exploring topics of interest.

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