7 Things You Realize When You Do The Unexpected

7 Things You Realize When You Do The Unexpected

As I was walking along Coronado Beach, I could hear the loud sounds of the fighter jets whizzing by my head.  I looked around and realized how quiet the people were around me.  I heard another jet coming.  I climbed to the top of a rock overlooking the beach, threw my arms to wave and blew kisses towards the pilot as if I was Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot."  Suddenly the jet waved it's wings, and increased speed.  You could hear the loud engine roar.  Smiles, laughs and claps came from the crowd.  Those who were seen rolling their eyes were merely bystanders to life, while I was actually living it.  An unexpected moment, that turned into an everlasting memory.-Halfway2hannah

Its about being open about who you are, and allowing yourself to experience life on your terms.  These are 7 things you realize when you do the unexpected...

1.  People will judge you no matter what you do.

Tatted or not, people will judge you.  Wealthy or poor, people will judge you.  Skinny or overweight, people will judge you.  Regardless of how you look, behave or speak people will judge you.  So why not be judged for living the life you want and doing the unexpected?

2.  You are living, while others are just existing.

They may roll their eyes at you, but inside they admire your vibrance.  People who live their life without the approval of others inspire those around them.  They are the electric shock that bring some back to life, including themselves.

 3.  You are making unique memories when you do the unexpected.

These moments turn into stories that are told throughout your life and beyond.  You will not remember how many people were watching or the things that were said about you.  All you will remember is how you felt.

4.  Living life by someone else's rules dampen's your spirit.

Day by day, year by year, playing by others guidelines, and not your own, will make you bitter.  Trying to satisfy society's standards is exhausting, and weighs heavy as time goes on.

5.  You miss out on genuine love & friendships when you play by other peoples rules.

Whether it be to open your eyes up to love, or the world around you, people you meet along the road are of significant value.  The best lovers and friends are the ones who come into your life unexpectedly.  Embrace it.

 6.  You see who your friends really are.

When you do the unexpected, even if just for a brief moment, you learn a lot about yourself and those around you.  The people who will support you even if they do not agree with your actions are the ones to keep around for the long run.

7.  Living life outside the box builds you as an individual.

Whether you succeed or fail, you learn lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom or at your job.  You get a chance to experience life on your terms. It is a wake up call to those around you who have power over your decisions.

Published by Hannah Blum

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