The Power of Pancakes

The Power of Pancakes

Mar 5, 2017, 10:38:19 PM Life and Styles

I think we can all agree that craving's are a nightmare. No I’m not pregnant, never have been and do not hope to be in the too near future either. I have always been a person who craves certain yet incredibly specific things. Be it salad (yes I know), certain drink's (yes of course alcohol), cake mix (don't judge me), other cuisines, cheese, savoury or sweet (and nothing in between), and pancakes. But pancakes are more than simply a food to be craved. Like many things, the occasion effects the finer detail's. On a Sunday morning the challenge of choosing the perfect topping is non existant, there is only one choice, a choice that is all about feeling warm, loved and at home, I'm talking about Maple Syrup. Pancake day calls for Lemon and sugar or golden syrup, don't choose anything else because you will be doing it wrong. Jesus wont be happy if you ruin Shrove Tuesday with Nutella on a pancake...disgraceful! Then there are posh pancakes (my last experience of this was valentines day, on my own, making loved up couples feel was great. Oh and I am happily married FYI), go wild, have the blueberry compote, have the maple syrup, have the yogurt or the bacon or whatever else the chef wants to give you to "enhance" your pancake experience. The Crêpes I leave entirely up to you. Personally I don't tend to enjoy savoury pancakes, but if that's your scene then good for you. Pancakes are all about self indulgence, they let you know that your doing OK and that regardless of what's going on in the world around you, you can sit in self assured silence blocking out the carnage. 

I never had pancakes as a kid unless it was pancake day (shrove Tuesday) or we were away in France, eating our fill of crêpes. I never liked the taste of maple syrup up until maybe four years ago (sorry Canada) but now it is my ultimate comfort. Mum going to the effort of making pancakes generally (or Dad for that matter), would not happen. They do love us, they just don't share my appreciation/addiction to having a cake for no reason and calling it a meal.  But in our house the occasional Sunday that starts with pancakes is a moment of bliss. My top tips for a perfect pancake:

  • A thick batter is everything, crêpes are amazing, but they are a snack not a MEAL.
  • Add a few drops of vanilla, there’s nothing like that beautiful smell and smoothness to carry you up to heaven.
  • Cook them one at a time, no one wants them sticking together.
  • Eat a stack, not just one big cake, plus it takes ages to cook.
  • Melt the butter in a warm pan (not too hot) and pour into the batter.
  • Do Not oil your pan unless you absolutely have to, you'll be eating a grease sponge. 
  • Use the right (and a good quality) pan, our terrible frying pan never fails to create hit and miss results. 

We are not dining table people, we eat everything from the couch, model TV dinner couple right here. But I think somehow having a blanket around me watching the grey rainy, oh so British day outside, there is nothing more comforting. If you want to sit at your table you go for it, but will you be as cosy? Even though I'm sea-sawing between hungover and human, we've barley even looked at each other due to work load (never mind enjoy each other) and our WIFI has left us with daytime TV only (no catch up for us) that doesn’t matter. We had pancakes, on a Sunday. The day was good!


  1. Leaf, Bold Street.
  2. Moose and Moonshine, Hope Street.
  3. Moose Coffee, Dale Street.
  4. Lucha Libre, Wood Street.
  5. The Egg, Newington.

Go on treat know you want to! 

Published by Hannah Doyle

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