UK Election 2017 . Chapter one - Before

UK Election 2017 . Chapter one - Before


It’s 2pm and we’ve just cast our votes in this year’s surprise, shouldn’t be happening but is, election. It’s an election that at some stages has been as bitter and venomous as the EU referendum last year. I imagine some of the negative atmosphere, that is now being thrown around the place, is being thrown around as a back lash to people not getting what they wanted in the referendum. I am unfortunately one of those people who did not get what they wanted. I voted to remain.

I was so completely sure that only a handful of racists or old people (I have since come to understand people reasons and understand that although some do fall into the above categories, most do not…but I don’t have to agree with them) would make their X in the box that could not be named. If you had asked me in the run up to the referendum what was going to happen I would have told you with complete confidence in an almost matter of fact manner, that we were going to stay in, that our country would never on mass choose to fuck us over in so many ways. And then they did. I lay awake for hours watching results come in, feeling worse and worse with each area apart from the odd few, including my beautiful Liverpool. When L woke me up that morning and asked me if I wanted to know, I was wide awake, and then I was in complete shock. The UK had voted to leave the EU. It was like the worst of dreams, it made no sense why would they do this? Is this a hoax? What the hell do we do now? I didn’t get out of bed that day until around 3pm…I couldn’t move.

Our island nations now sit in a no mans land of what happens next, we were having a stressful enough time without little Theresa calling this snap election. I’m sure she has her reasons, my thoughts though are that she was feeling a bit sad and wanted everyone to show how much they like her (not me queen) and/or just took for granted that everyone would vote her in anyway. They might not. They might, she might get the ego boost she has so been longing for. I am petrified of the results of this vote. I am scared for my own future, the future of my family and unbelievably (as someone who even hates the idea of being patriotic, never mind actually acting in a patriotic manner), I am terrified for my country. It might surprise some people (mainly my father in Law, Hello Mr L) that I am not a Labour voter. I have never voted Labour in my life, until this time around. I normally vote with my heart leading me to The Green Party or The Liberal Democrats (perhaps not a huge surprise) but I understand that this time around, that a Labour vote is the only way to remove our Conservative government from power. I am apposed to current and future Conservative policy and MP’s and of course the little crow herself, I am also apposed to being treated like an idiot. Iv’e never seen a gang of dickheads who are so brazenly awful to the old, young, faithful and atheist, educated, working class, middle class, animals…everyone, oh and the planet. They are just waiting to be given the go ahead to treat everyone like shit! I truly fear what another five years of this Conservative government might be like. I am more terrified though of waking up tomorrow to be told that another five years is going to happen. I do find myself falling into the same suspiciously secure position I found myself in before the referendum. I live in a Labour strong hold, my family are all (but three that I know of) voting for Labour, most of my friends and almost all that I see though social media is pro labour, just like with the referendum. My dad has been saying for weeks that he doesn’t think Labour can do it and I use this opinion of his to bring myself back to earth with a thud when I find myself thinking, “what if labour win?” I have voted in every election, local, mayoral, police commissioner, referendum and general election, i more than make the most of my right to vote. Aside from the EU referendum, I think this might be the most important vote I ever choose to make. I voted Labour. I support Jeremy Corbyn all the way and am proud to be supporting The Labour Party this time around. I am voting for The Labour Party because I support all that Corbyn is pushing forward, within the manifesto and all that Labour are looking to achieve.

From about 11pm tonight, constituency votes will start to come in, until the early hours tell us what the results are. I don’t think I will sleep well tonight. Nothing would make me happier than a Labour Party Win, (even a Hung Parliament). Honestly I can’t say how happy it will make me. I don’t think I will sleep well at all. If I don’t vomit at some stage it will be a victory in itself.

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