Corregidor, Cavite

"Corregidor is the largest of the five islands guarding the entrance to Manila Bay. A tadpole-shaped isle, Corregidor was once a mere fishing village with a lighthouse and signal station for all ships entering and leaving Manila Bay. American colonizers built full-scale fortifications on the island, complete with long-range tractor guns, anti-aircraft guns, tunnels, an underground command center, and a hospital for wounded soldiers. In the last Pacific War, Corregidor became a vital combat zone between the Japanese Imperial Army and the allied forces. It was the last stronghold to fall in the hands of the enemy. Today, alongside the silent cannons and rusting artillery are numerous memorials for our war heroes. The island is now a favorite tourist destination with a first class hotel and resort facilities. It humbly plays a role in the tourism in the Philippines due to its historical significance." (

This is actually my second time going to Corregidor, first was with my mom and her workmates back when I was still in middle school. I was not really fully able to appreciate the island due to my lack of appreciation and understanding of historical places. But now since I'm older and more mature, I was able to fully appreciate the history of Corregidor.  The island itself is already a sight to see with all it's history and stories. If walls and trees could talk, they definitely have a lot of story to tell, from when we were colonized by Spain for 350 years, to the entire duration of World War 2. 

With the Corregidor tour, just like with any other trips, photos are a must, but be prepared to see random hexagonal orbs in your photos. I honestly thought at first that there was something wrong with my camera, so I then checked some of the other photos we took that day, and guess what, only the photos with me as a subject in it had orbs. Then I made myself believe that maybe it reflected from my eye glasses, then I realized my sister was also wearing glasses, my cousin was also wearing glasses, so that would be an impossible thing to happen. I do know that spirits are still lingering in the islands, so I just thought that maybe these orbs were some of those spirits and they wanted to photobomb my impromptu photoshoot. Although with or without the orbs, the photos are still amazing when you look at it. 

I have always found history as an interesting subject, although I am picky as to which time in history it is. Which is why I always find visiting historical places interesting, and which i why I found Corregidor to be interesting. Plus, it's always nice to get away once in awhile just to learn about our country's history and historical importance. 





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