Friend or Foe?

    The hardest part about friendship is losing the ones you thought were for keeps. There comes a point in friendships, where everything you’ve ever worked for comes to an end, an end which more often than not, needs proper closure. When you lose something or rather someone massively important, it creates a huge impact in your life, because it seems a though you’re loosing a significant page in your life. The page full of new and old memories, experiences, bad decisions and many more. Some of those pages could be put back together, but it won’t ever be the same. It would not be the same in a sense that, no matter how you put together the pieces, the marks would remain, and it’s not going to be the same anymore.  Some try to rewrite that page, to start anew, to make it seem like nothing ever went amiss. Rewriting something from the beginning could be hard, but its doable, it takes time, it takes patience, and it takes trust. 


    It all begins with a simple exchange of hi, hello, who knew those two word would create a friendship that's worth more than what money could buy. That friendship you thought would last for decades, that friendship where everyone just connects so well, no one gets left behind. Some friendships take a while to warm up, some are easy, but both really get along so well, there may be no BFF labels, but that's exactly how it feels like. When you’re in a big group, everyone is your BFF, everyone’s in the loop, and everyone knows the current events, even though you’re the most introverted one. When you find the right friends, being childish is normal, because no matter what you would be accepted for who you are, there would be slight judgements but that's just something to laugh about, and not dwell on. Finding the right friends is just like finding your soulmates, some have it hard, but every second is worth it, and it feels as though everything is perfect.


    Although, not all friendships are perfect, some take time, some don’t even know that it’s something. We all start on a good note, making new memories, doing crazy stuff together, asking for advice, stalking crushes and many more, but then again, not everything is perfect. Sometimes, friendships have their lows, extreme lows, like something bad would happen between a few friends, but its okay, thats normal, its what makes you stronger. Some little mishaps are easily fixable, it may take time, but its still fixable. When these mishaps start to happen thats when you’ll start getting to know the other person in a deeper perspective, you’ll start to know how they really are, you’ll start to see their true colors, but most importantly, you’ll start to see yourself from their perspective. Sometimes, in these mishaps, when a lot of people who shouldn’t be involved start getting involved, shit happens. The years of friendship you have had suddenly vanishes into thin air because there would always be people taking sides, when there shouldn’t be. It’s going to turn up as though you’re going to tear down the pages into pieces. 


    Everyone wants to put the pieces back together once its destroyed, but then again, it’s not ever gonna be the same. We would all hope that someday everything would go back to normal, that everything would fall back into just the way it was, just like one big happy family. We all hope that even if it might not go back to the way it was, well at least be civil with one another, and think about all the memories that have been made, think about everything we have all been through. 


    Everything happens for a reason, maybe the reason it didn’t work out if because you are destined for something better, something new, something that is stronger. They would always be there, but its just not the same anymore. It would all go back to that simple exchange of hi’s and hello’s nothing more, nothing less.




Published by Hannah Gomez


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