We Crashed A Wedding

We Crashed A Wedding

Nov 8, 2016, 11:20:51 PM Life and Styles

October 30, 2016, Sunday, as any abiding catholic would do, we were supposed to go to mass, we arrived at the church around 9:15 am, mass was at 9, there was no parking, and all the cars were slow moving, 9:30 we decided to go to another church 15 mins away, in Binmaley, Pangasinan. Thinking the mass was at 10, we decided to go to a grocery for a while to buy stuff, then went back to the church only to find out there was a christening and the mass was 8:30am and 4:30pm only. As they were cleaning up the church we then decided to drive back to Lingayen to try our luck for mass, since we saw on the board that there was a mass at 10. We were able to park, finally, but upon entering the church, we saw people all dressed up with full on make up etc, so we sat down on one of the pews waiting for the mass to start, but then upon scanning the proximity, we realized we were at a wedding. While waiting for all the entourage which was about an hour or so, the mass was finally about to start. 


A red carpet was laid out, flowers everywhere and the altar had 6 chairs, apparently there were 3 weddings that gonna happen. Well all weddings have masses, so we then decided to sit the wedding through to hear mass and since we have never experienced a simultaneous wedding it was an all new adventure. 3 brides, 3 grooms, and a whole lotta bridesmaids and grooms men, it was a good thing though, cuz no one would question if we were guests or not, since there were 3 bridal parties. Although we were getting stares, I think they were wondering which we were guests from figuring out who we were. After an hour long of wedding processions, finally we were able to hear mass. Since there were 3 couples getting wed, the mass was extremely long, but what the heck a mass is a mass. The priest had to actually repeat everything he said 3 times for the exchange of vows. Apparently we forgot to get the names of those who got married, but its a sure thing we are in their wedding photos/ videos, and they'll never figure out who we were. 😂


We left the house 9:10am and got back home around 12 nn, finally able to hear mass. It was an all new experience and and a whole lotta driving involved. But the whole thing about it though is We Crashed a Strangers wedding 😂😂

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