Dressing Your Face

You’re beautiful. Seriously. But, like me, I’m sure there’s some parts you’d like to accentuate and some parts you’d like to hide. Here’s what kind of makeup I use when certain features are in the limelight.

Not my nose though, I hate my nose.


Ever since Cara came on the scene with her poppin’ brows, we’ve all needed to up our game. Threading, waxing or tweazing it’s all about the shape. I think it’s always best to keep it natural. The rule of thumb when it comes to colour is two shades darker than your hair but there’s a lot of affordable tint treatments now if that shade isn’t to your liking or your hair has been dyed etc. I use a NYX eyebrow pencil and of all the brands I’ve used (MAC, Avon and Barry M) I’ve found this to be the best. No matter what happens, eyebrows are sisters, not twins!


To really make the brows stand out, I’d recommend a light blush/contour and a natural red or pink lip. Nude shades on your eyes too and keep the mascara light to make sure they aren’t overshadowed.


Lips are a great go-to if you’re having a bad makeup day. Or even just a bad day. A splash of colour can brighten your whole face and reduce the need for any other makeup at all to be honest. Matte or gloss is really personal preference but if you’re prone to biting your lips, matte won’t be the best bet. I think that gloss always stands out more than a matte but it depends on event and preference really. The more daring you feel, the more daring you can go. Blue is a personal favourite of mine.

For standout lips, keep a natural tone face and mascara works either heavy or light. Heavy mascara and poppin’ kissers are a fantastic hangover cover.


If you’re trying to pull a guy, the first thing they are going to look at is your eyes. Well, not the first let’s be fair but second or third. Your eyes can frame your entire makeup so well so they’re a good feature to try and make stand out. The best way to do this is with coloured eye shadow. Revolution  are so great for eye shadows, they have an amazing pigment and are super easy to use. Smokey eyes are also great but I think a little colour makes them so personal and just even more fantastic.

If you’re dressing up your eyes, I’d go for a medium/heavy contour and light/natural lips. I would also be cautious of how heavy the mascara will be because you don’t want to hide he colour behind your lashes.


Headpieces are my favourite accessories. They aren’t to everyone’s taste but I’m what people like to refer to as “hippy”. I personally prefer the term bohemian. But if you are into that sort of thing then I would definitely recommend natural eyes and a light blush with a glossy lip.

As you can probably tell, I don’t know a great deal about makeup but let me know what you think of this post and what your favourite features are!

Stay classy,


Published by Hannah Henley

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