The Bigger The Better

The Bigger The Better

If you’re like me you love clothes shopping. You don’t love raking through the racks to try and find your size, and the size above and size below because you don’t know which one will fit. In some stores you could be an 8 and in others you could be a 12. It really makes no sense and it can be a bit of a punch in the face when you need to go up a size and then the zip still won’t quite fasten.

I find this is why people tend to shop in the same stores, they know what size they are in that store. I’m a size 12 in New Look but then I go next door to Primark and suddenly I’m an 18, hence the title – wink wink. Then I cross the road to Topshop and the only thing that will fit is a shoe.

I’ve spent much of my life trying to squeeeeeeze into dresses and skirts and then not worn them again because they make me look fat. The best diet I’ve ever tried is eating exactly how I always have and buying clothes that fit. I’ve learnt that if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll look better. It’s your face, you glow. Trust me. And clothes are made in certain sizes to make that size look good. Hence a size 16 looks better in a size 16 than a size 14. Good ol’ maths.

So, basically, wear what you want because that’s what will suit you most. If someone likes your style, they usually say, “you look great!” and not “you look great! What size is that?”. So if that zipper doesn’t quite zip, just get a bigger size and tell yourself it’s the store, not you.


What sizing issues do you face?

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Published by Hannah Henley

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